• Train to Become a Plumber with Options Skills

    'We provide the most comprehensive training programme in the industry. Our Adult Apprenticeships combine Practical Skills Training and Qualifications. We then build your confidence and experience with a local mentor and give you the opportunity to get paid work via our own Trades Network. Read on to find out more..'

Fast Track Intensive Plumbing Courses

For New Entrants

Fast Track Intensive Plumbing Courses are ideal for all sorts of people from career changer’s to existing trades people that are in a hurry to gain new skills.

Fast Track Intensive Plumbing Courses are available in a number of different formats. A lot will depend upon your personal requirements.

NVQ Plumbing Courses will offer you nationally and internationally recognised plumbing qualifications. If you are seeking employment or maybe thinking or emigrating we would recommend that you think about this option as many employers and major contractors like to see evidence of your abilities. Enrolling on a NVQ programme will take you longer to achieve your goals however you must weigh up what you ‘end game’ is. NVQ Plumbing courses are available nationwide. Please contact us today for more details.

However you do not need to hold a Plumbing NVQ to practise as a plumber. You must of course be competent and abide by Water Regulations. As a result practical fast track plumbing courses are ideal for people who are thinking of working for themselves or who want to use their plumbing skills to support gas training or an existing business such as tiling or building.  The practical plumbing course is not accredited but will help you achieve all the practical plumbing skills that you would expect a plumber to have. Skills such as working with copper pipe, soldering, installation of taps and sanitary ware, bathroom installation skills and fitting radiators and tanks.

Many people undertake a fast track Intensive plumbing course as part of their journey to becoming Gas Safe Registered. They find that the time and portfolio requirements of a Plumbing NVQ are better spent going towards a gas portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about fast track gas training courses please contact us today for more information by calling the free phone number. Courses are available on a full or part time basis.