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Why become a plumber?

Become a Plumber in the workshop working with pipes

The trades are a great industry to be a part of, and currently, there’s no better time to learn a trade.

From builders and bricklayers to plasterers and plumbers, there is a whole host of trade jobs to consider.

Why Become A Plumber?

The current economy is in downfall, and many people are losing their jobs due to the recession. Many people are finding it hard to get a job and feel very uneasy about their job security. With more people completing degrees and apprenticeships, you may find it challenging to get work without any qualifications. A question comes to mind, is there a way out through these challenging times? The answer is yes.

You can choose to follow plenty of career paths to give you the rewarding job you wished for. Perhaps one of the best positions to look out for would be a plumber because this job will provide you with an excellent salary that the graduates are seeking, and you will not have to spend years to get it. Courses in plumbing are designed to make sure you become employed right after you complete your training programme. Therefore, a recognised training course has become crucial as it gives you the chance to gain the practical skills you need and the qualifications to succeed in your career.

Why Plumbing?

What makes plumbing unique is that there are many reasons why one should become a plumber. Most importantly, in the UK, there is still a shortage of trained plumbers.

For this reason, finding work will not be difficult as there are a variety of settings to work in, including industrial, residential maintenance and repair, residential and business construction and water treatment plants. Below are some more reasons why one should think about becoming a plumber:

  • As many people are retiring, more positions are becoming available, so you can be sure that you will be set with a job for the rest of your life.
  • You will no longer need to worry about the economy being in recession as your job will always be in demand.
  • Job stability and security.
  • When you start training, you can quickly progress, which means you can continually advance – which most people look for in a job.
  • You can be satisfied with the excellent work you did as you have helped fix many people’s houses.
  • The work changes from day to day so you can expect not to be bored.
  • Becoming a plumber makes you one of the highest-paid contractors.

Another reason is after you complete any courses in plumbing, you can be your own boss, choose the hours you want to work and decide to work for yourself. Arguably the most important reason is once you are qualified, you become a plumber for life.

Gas Training

Gas and plumbing often go hand in hand, and many plumbers choose to upskill and become gas safe registered. By doing so, they increase their skillset and knowledge, as well as their earning potential.

At Options Skills, we often find many students choose our domestic gas training over plumbing training. Through our gas training, you learn essential plumbing skills that you can take into real work. However, by also training in gas, you’ll find more doors are open to you, and you’ll be able to offer customers a wider range of services.

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