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Electrical Firms Environmentally Friendly

It seems that electrical service providers are taking their environmental responsibilities with great care when it comes to recycling WEEE. This is clearly understood according to latest research from Recolight, the specialist Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ( WEEE) compliance scheme for the lighting industry. It shows the electrical industry is obliged to do such acts and use the collected waste in an ecologically-friendly manner.

The WEEE Directive plan to minimise the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to push everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it.

According to a survey, 64% claim the safe disposal and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) lamps is totally carried out within their business and a further 26% consider it to be a very important aspect of their business. Electrical industries are placing a huge value on the current environmental situation, and it is difficult to find many industries doing the same. Which shows for those looking to start a career where it is environmentally friendly then this is the perfect place.

This task is carried mostly by larger firms although contractors of every size are doing so according to research. Contractors with a turnover of £10m or more (74%) or with over 50 employees (76%) three quarters suggest that recycling is something that is strictly followed in their business. These businesses are helping Recolight to achieve some of their goal which is to prevent nearly a fifth of a tonne of mercury from entering landfill.

Recolight Chief Executive Nigel Harvey says: “The research shows many electrical contractors are leading the way in responsible recycling. Nine out of 10 contractors said they place a great deal of importance on recycling lamps or that it is totally embedded within their business culture.  This demonstrates the industry is taking its environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Research from last year shows that most businesses are doing the right thing when it comes to recycling waste lamps and the awareness level for WEEE Regulations is very high, further concluding that the electrical industry is ethically a developing industry.

The task now is to make sure the progression continues and those firms who are able to do more should put effort to do more.

All data correct at time of publication.