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Heating Engineer Courses – Starting a new career

There is a growth of heating engineering jobs more than ever before and many people today would consider starting a career in such a field. Something you need to think about before making such an important task is how to become a heating engineer and what impact will it have on their future. no formal education is needed, however a heating engineering training is required like all positions in the engineering field to begin your career. With new technological developments in the market, choosing heating engineering courses would be the right thing to do, as you would be given comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its products.

The heating engineer courses provide the individual with knowledge and give responsibility for all aspects of the heating, hot and cold water installations. Through plumbing & heating engineer training you will learn how crucial the way you provide your service can be.

Entry Requirements

To be a heating engineer you are required to have certain qualifications that meet the requirements of law. The reason for this is to keep all these engineers up to date with all the latest laws and building codes so they can work within those boundaries.

To undertake the Plumbing, Central Heating, Design & Installation Course, would be a good idea as it covers all aspects of domestic heating, plumbing, fault finding and maintenance. The City & Guilds 6128 Level 2 Technical Certificate – Heating & Ventilation will be an advantage if you wish to retrain as a heating engineer. A CORGI registered heating engineer is someone who has met the qualifications imposed by the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI).

Some firms prefer to hire heating engineers during their training so all of their employees are trained the same way. The reason why such companies do this is because they want to take advantage of the Competent Person Schemes to help them support the funding of their certification programs and make sure all of the trainees are capable of doing the job up to their standards.

Skills Required

To be successful when starting any heating engineering courses is you need to have certain skills that will be preferred over others such as:

• Excellent communication and organisational skills
• To be calm in an emergency situation
• Ability to work well in a team
• The ability to use your own initiative
• Good literacy and numeracy skills
• Be aware of the industry and the changes made
• Aware of safety issues and the regulations involved in the working environment
• You should have good technical ability and problem solving skills

Job Roles

There are diverse job roles that a heating engineer will be involved in:

• Installing complex heating equipment and pipework systems, within large buildings
• Taking responsibility for the inspection and testing of new heating, hot and cold water installations
• Liaise with customers in a polite and professional manner
• Examine health and safety procedures carefully
• To complete all the relevant paperwork given by the company
• Conducting a final check when everything is working

Career Opportunities

There are always job opportunities for engineers especially in the private sector. Once you are qualified you can go straight into work for a company and become promoted within few years. The advantage of working with an existing firm is that they provide training. Some heating engineers become self-employed. For those who wish to set up their own business a chartered engineering status may be essential.

After completing a recognized heating engineer training qualification, starting your own business may be an option but it can be difficult if you do not have much experience or knowledge of the industry. Employing trainers with the right qualification and experience is a must if you want to take that road.

This is a life changing career as it gives you many options from working for a company to starting your own business this is why it is highly recommended that you chose the right heating engineer training programme to give you the job that you wish for your future.

All data correct at time of publication.