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Moving Forward with Vocational Training

The managing director of EMTA Awards Limited (EAL), Ann Watson has reported that the increase of university fees will lead many to consider applying for vocational training.

She stated: ‘University is becoming more and more expensive, and a time will come when a degree becomes an option many people simply can’t afford.’

She continued: ‘At a time when graduate fees and living costs are rising and leading to worrying levels of debt, there is a duty for schools and colleges to inform students properly about alternative options, including vocational training.’

People leaving college without any form of industrial experience will be wandering what is the next step. As the university fees are expected to go up to £7,000 per year a lot of people will be looking for an alternative solution. Getting into debt is the last thing anyone would want as living cost is continuing to rise every year.

Ann further stated that there is a lack of university places this year. This is a golden opportunity for the skills trade sector to attract those people who are unsure of their future. With a recognized vocational training course an individual can become qualified within short period of time and not having to to take a loan that they cannot pay back.

There are many companies offering a variety of plumbing, electrical and gas courses. Students and others searching for an ideal career should look into these training courses that meet their requirements and it will be wise to pick out the course that can be of profitable to their future by receiving the certifications that comply with the law.

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