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Steve Old, Electrical Course Trainee

Steve Old completed our Intensive 7 Week Electrical Course back in December and has gone on to set-up his own electrical business. Steve got back in touch with us to let us know how things were going and let us know what he thought of the electrical course;

“A few weeks have gone by and I’ve set myself up I thought I would write to thank the guys for their input on the course.

They have such knowledge and patience and explain things so clearly (over and over!) until the knowledge sinks in! I felt like it was not a course that is run week in week out but one that is there for my needs.


It was an intense learning curve and I’m sure there will be many times ahead when I think ‘oh my god’ what now, but am confident that if needed the guys would help out with any questions I have. Even now after the course has finished. I know that is unique from other friends in the trade and it is a credit to them for being so committed.”

Everyone at RF Training would like to wish Steve all the best with his new electrical career and every success in the future.

If you would like to join Steve and start your new electrical career, please contact one of our dedicated electrical course advisor’s on 0808 115 6538 or take a look at our Intensive 7 Week Electrical Course information page.

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