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Catch-Up with Plumbing Training Group – PA 02

Plumbing Training Group PA 02 have just passed the two-week mark on their plumbing training course and we catch up with some of them to find out how they have got on.

Pauline Bowers from Preston joined the C&G 6128 plumbing training after visiting the centre. She was shown around the plumbing training centre by course advisor Ged Walker and was really impressed by what she saw. So impressed that she signed up for the plumbing training.

Pauline’s plumbing training tutor, Terry, said at the end of her first week that “It’s not easy learning a new set of skills but Pauline is coming along very well, her pipe bending is really good.”

David Barlow, from Oldham, who worked as a labourer for an electrical firm and wanted to retrain in plumbing also visited the centre and signed up for the plumbing training course. David has enjoyed his first two weeks thoroughly and feels that his skill base has improved massively and looks forward to the rest of his plumbing training course.

We also catch up with Brian Slawson from Wrexham who has just completed his plumbing training. he said that “Overall I have found the plumbing training to be very good; the instructors gave us great techniques and advice. They were excellent. This plumbing training gives a sound base to begin a future in plumbing and now it’s over to me to put the plumbing training into practice.”

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All data correct at time of publication.