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Budget Highlights for Tradesmen and Trainees

George Osbourne this week announced the 2011 budget and his plans for the economy in the coming years. So how does this affect the self employed tradesmen working today, and how will it affect trainees on our plumbing courses, gas courses and electrician courses?

Below are some highlights from the budget which we think is important for our trainees and tradesmen to be aware of:

  • Fuel duty has been reduced by 1p/litre with the government pledging to monitor taxes with the rising cost of oil – meaning the cost of transport will reduce slightly.
  • The government also announced a shared equity scheme which gives first time buyers loans for a mortgage deposit on new build homes. This is set to boost the new build market and protect future jobs for all construction workers.
  • The 2011 budget also announced £3 billion of funding to support low carbon investment as part of the green scheme, meaning more jobs will become available for those that have done relevant courses such as gas courses and part l energy efficiency courses.

At RF Training we prepare our trainees for their new careers and these seem to be indicating the government want to help out the construction industry and generate more jobs for their trainees.

We will be keeping our eyes out for any more information on the budget and further plans the government has for their new initiatives.

All data correct at time of publication.