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Plumbing Training Should Be More Appealing to Students Than University

After writing a number of times of the increasing debts university students will have once they have completed their degree further information has been released on the employability of students after they have completed university and why plumbing training may be a more useful option for those looking to get a rewarding career.

A proposal from the hefce (Higher Education Funding Council for England) has stated that from autumn 2012 universities must now publish data about the employment of graduates after they have completed their course. Many have suggested that this means the end of “fun” university life for students as Universities will push employability over recreation.

Graduate employers are no longer looking for just the 2:1 or above degree; they will also be looking for a number of factors to set them out from the pack these include:

  • Relevant subjects within the degree
  • Experience, this is the most important factor that employers will now look at to gauge whether the graduate is right for the job
  • Extra learning outside of the degree subjects, this may include general office and organisational skills

No doubt universities will push these upon their students to make their figures look better over the coming years.

Why Is Plumbing Training More Appealing

Plumbing training may become a more appealing route to a successful career as the plumbing training on offer is practical hands on and makes you more appealing by an employer. The plumbing training can also guide you into setting up your own business so that you can reap the benefits of all the work you complete.

Plumbing training has also improved vastly in lines with industry standardisation in the past year to further increase a trainee’s employability thanks to the new plumbing training NVQ level 2 diploma.

This new form of plumbing training provides a mixture of centre led teaching with on site experience to give trainees the best chance of employment after they have completed their training.

To find out more about the plumbing training course we offer take a look at the content of the course.

All data correct at time of publication.