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Electrical Training Students Evaluate their Experience

We recently bid farewell to our groups of electrical training students in groups 05EB1 & 2. We are happy to find that they have enjoyed their time here and look forward to hearing from them in their future endeavours below is a selection of the students and their comments on how the course went and what they are looking forward to in the future.

Mark Green felt that “The topics were covered well, the training delivery was relaxed which gave me confidence. I am very pleased with how far I have come in 7 wks. The new training centre facilities were very beneficial.” He then adds “I would recommend RF Training to anyone thinking of learning a trade.”

Alex Mumford commented that he now has acquired a “sound knowledge of domestic electrics” adding that “The trainers were extremely helpful and friendly, the advice I was given was very useful. “

Where will the electrical training students go next?

The electrical training has also given some of the trainees the confidence to set up their own business and start the new careers they deserve.

Richard Baynham changed his opinion of what he would like to do once finishing the course saying that he would now be “looking at going self-employed”. He also added that the “trainers were excellent. I now feel confident that I have the skills to pursue my new career.”

Mohammud Minhas was surprised at how much he learnt saying that “At the beginning, I wasn’t sure where I would start off after the training, but now I am confident to go out and set up a business.”

Andrew Hayward was impressed with the course and says that “The trainers were informative and good hands on experience meant that I feel I have accomplished more than I set out to.” adding that “I am going to become self-employed”.

Thomas Sands enjoyed the whole experience and is now confident in his career plans “I am starting my own business. I feel confident that I have the skills needed to pursue my new career. The training staff have been good, especially Don. My course advisor Will has also seen me a number of times during the course and shown interest in my progression. I would recommend RF training.”

We will look forward to seeing some of these newly qualified trainees at our free new start support seminars, where we provide trainees with advice and personal guidance on how to run their own business.

Take a look at our electrical training course we offer or the benefits of our new start support.

All data correct at time of publication.