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The Benefits of Joining a Competent Persons Scheme

In our previous blog post we gave a general definition of what a competent person’s scheme is and the types of organisations that offer these. In this blog post, we will look deeper at the benefits of becoming part of a competent person’s scheme and how these can improve your career as a tradesman.

Competent Persons Schemes have now evolved

Although self-certification was the initial purpose of the competent person’s scheme these organisations have now evolved to provide you and consumer’s confidence and regularity in the industry. As of September 2010, there were 23,943 memberships to competent persons schemes that did not have part P membership.

This shows the popularity of these schemes amongst tradesmen and consumers alike.

Why are Competent Persons Schemes Popular?

There are a number of other benefits to joining a competent persons scheme than self-certification. The most important benefit, however, is the support and authority gained from being part of a competent persons scheme. Many people recognise industry logos and have many positive associations with it, for example, the CORGI brand is still recognised by 8 out of 10 people for being a leader in the brand even though GAS SAFE is now the trade body for gas engineers.

Brand recognition and loyalty is still an important aspect for competent person schemes as such they regulate their members and provide an impartial complaint and review process for all registered members to uphold high standards of quality.

This means to a consumer if you belong to one of these schemes they can trust that you will complete a job to the highest standard.

Lead Generation?

Some of these organisations also run lead generation schemes which means that you will be able to get work directly from the organisation. This may only apply in a small number of organisations but will mean that this option is available to you should you need it.

In the coming weeks we will be looking at the individual schemes and what they offer to its members in the meantime if you are already a trainee with RF Training you can sign up to our New Start Support classes free, simply contact your course advisor for more details.

All data correct at time of publication.