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Plumbing Courses – How to Repair a Leaking Pipe

Our plumbing courses contain a variety of different modules which are designed to give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to start a new career as a plumber. A common problem plumbers may face in households is repairing leaky pipes. Here is a brief overview of how to tackle this problem.

Leaking pipes can be a common problem in many households; older drainage or heating systems are particularly prone to pipe leaks.

Here are some important steps to take:

  • Turn off the water from the stop tap – this stops more water from coming out
  • Buy a repair kit – Many hardware and DIY shops will stock supplies to repair a pipe these generally include a large piece of rubber and either hose clamps or steel plates
  • Place the rubber over the leak make sure it is flush to the pipe
  • Attach the clamps around the rubber and the pipe and tighten to make sure the leak is airtight
  • Turn the water back on briefly to test the repair is water tight – you shouldn’t be able to feel any dampness around the seal

Repairing a leaky pipe can only be a temporary fix as it is more likely to spring more leaks. It is always advisable to replace the pipe to ensure the problem won’t come back elsewhere.

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