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How to repair a leaking pipe just got easier

We recently wrote a blog post on how to repair a leaking pipe it is now apparent that this process may have just got a little bit easier thanks to a Scottish plumber.

Ross Dickinson has invented the Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair kit to stop pipes from flooding properties. Dickinson created the mechanism after visiting a property which was flooded due to a burst pipe. Pipes during the cold winter months are especially susceptible to bursts and leakages and the repair kit is his answer to this common problem.

Dickinson approached Cademuir Toolmaking with the idea who helped him bring the idea to market. Only time will tell if this qualified plumber can make it as an entrepreneur.

The repair kit is a simple idea which appears to save time by creating an air tight seal around the leak in, as the website says, four simple steps.

1. Place around the burst
2. Close the two seals
3. Attach the latch mechanism
4. Squeeze tight

The system will be in plumbing stores in the next few weeks.

What do you think to this new time saving device – will you be trying these out at home or as part of your business – let us know over at Facebook or re-tweet this with your opinion.

*image taken from kibosh website

All data correct at time of publication.