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Sparkle not spark this Christmas with electrical safety tips

Everyone wants their Christmas tree to sparkle but nobody wants to see sparks. It’s that time of year again when you dig into the attic or garage to get out the Christmas tree and decorations.

We generally only use the Christmas lights once a year so it’s a good idea to check they are safe to use before you add them to the tree.

Here are just some of the basic electrical safety tips you can do before using your Christmas lights:-

  • Make sure there are no broken bulbs and no visible loose wires
  • Replace any bulbs which may have blown
  • Check you are using the right size fuse for the lights by checking the packaging and looking at the fuse
  • Do not overload any sockets
  • Switch off the Christmas lights when leaving the house or going to bed to avoid over heating
  • Make sure over Christmas decorations which may easily burn such as paper, are kept away from the bulbs

These are just a few of the simple checks we can do at home but would you know how to test and analyse wiring for safety in the work place?

Here at RF Training we offer electrician training courses to equip our students with the best possible knowledge and skills to make your office safe.

It is a legal requirement that all commercial properties undertake a PAT test. With hands-on training throughout, RF Training will give the electrician trainees the competences to spot faults which can occur in electrical equipment, appliances and cabling, on our two-day PAT Test training course.

You will expand your electrical industry portfolio by learning how to carry out the safety inspection and you will then be able to work with commercial services. Find out more about the other electrician training course we offer on our RF Training website.

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