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Beer in the Sink – When Plumbing goes wrong!

A woman in Norway has literally struck liquid gold, finding beer coming out of her water taps – a dream I’m sure for many. “I thought I was in heaven” said Ms Gundersen of Kristiansund, west Norway.

“I turned on the tap to clean some knives and forks, and beer came out,” Ms Gundersen told Reuters news agency. “We thought we were in heaven.” Her only complaint was that the beer ‘was a little flat’.

Two flights below pub workers were facing a riot when water began to flow through their beer taps. Apparently a worker had connected a beer barrel to the apartment water pipe by mistake.

Downstairs at the Big Tower Bar, workers realised what the problem was – a new barrel had been misconnected to Ms Gundersen’s water supply.

“The water and beer pipes do touch each other, but you have to be really creative to connect them together,” said Per Egil Myrvang from the local beer distributor. He helped employees to rectify the problem over the telephone.

However Ms Gundersen bore no grudge, instead refining her order saying that “if it happens again, I’m ordering Baileys”.

In Norway, the sale of Alcohol is controlled by a state monopoly and the price of a pint is one of the highest in the world, bordering on nearly 20 Euros in some bars.

All data correct at time of publication.