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The Importance of Gas Safe Training

Having the right training is imperative for a career in the gas fitting trade and without the right expertise and qualifications, you could put both customers and yourself at risk.

This week, a Milton Keynes plumber was handed a three-month community order and instructed to pay a £475 fine for endangering a household with illegal boiler installation and irresponsible maintenance.

Christopher Johnson, trading as C&H Services, installed a boiler at a residential property in April 2010 and was called back in October of the same year to inspect a banging sound coming from the appliance. After deciding that the boiler needed a new part, Mr Johnson left the property, also leaving the casing off the appliance without disconnecting the gas supply.

At this point, the resident contacted the boiler’s manufacturer who declared the system “immediately dangerous” and disconnected the gas supply for safety. With the boiler casing removed, the seal between the boiler and kitchen was not in effect and therefore posed a significant risk to everyone in the property. Later investigation by a certified Gas Safe Engineer also led the discovery of another serious defect involving the flue, which was not actually compatible with the boiler.

Both the seal and flue issues could have resulted in the leaking of potentially lethal Carbon Monoxide into the household. Often referred to as the ‘silent killer’, due to the fact that you cannot smell, see or taste it, Carbon Monoxide is said to be responsible for approximately 20 deaths a year in the UK.

HSE Inspector Stephen Manley said: “Working with gas appliances is difficult, specialised and potentially very dangerous. Only engineers who are qualified and registered should attempt it.”

Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register Paul Johnston added:

“If you’re employing an engineer to fit, fix or service gas appliances, you should always make sure that person is Gas Safe registered. If they say they are, don’t just take their word for it. Check they are on the Gas Safe Register and check their ID card when they arrive at your door.
“You shouldn’t take any risks, badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause fires, explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.”

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All data correct at time of publication.