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Reasons to Become a Gas Engineer

Student training to become a gas engineer soldering copper piping

Choosing a career is an invariably daunting prospect, and evaluating the pros and cons of your possibilities can sometimes be challenging. Whether you’re looking for something for the first time or wishing to retrain, the decision is always challenging as you know it will affect your life in a long-term capacity.

Exploring the avenue of gas engineering would be a wise choice. With a current shortage of Gas Safe installers in the UK today, such skills are always in demand both commercially and domestically. But, if you’re still on the fence, below are some excellent reasons why you should pursue a career in the gas industry.

Competitive Salary

As in most careers, engineer salaries can vary depending on your skill level, location and the specific role you inhabit. For example, the average gas fitter could earn up to £30,000 a year, whereas very talented and successful gas engineers can earn up to £50,000 a year. But, of course, if you run your own business – a serious prospect for many in the gas trade – these figures could significantly increase.

It’s A Career, Not Just A Job

Choosing a career in the gas fitting industry opens you up to a whole range of diverse prospects. It’s also a secure profession, and with legal regulations requiring people to hire ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers to fix and service their boilers, your skills will always be in demand whether you wish to be self-employed or are looking to become part of a more significant business.

Whichever avenue you decide to take, you’ll be in for a long, challenging and exciting career. 

It’s Challenging

The diverse nature of being a gas engineer also means that it’s a challenging job, both mentally and physically. Success requires mental agility and the ability to solve problems, and you will have to apply your expertise to several different scenarios and projects.

For example, one day, you may be working in a home on a small boiler, and another, you could be servicing an industrial heating system in a commercial environment. Of course, this depends upon your experience, but with the proper training and effort, that is where the road can lead.

Job Diversity

As mentioned previously, gas fitters can be involved in various projects, from simple domestic jobs to huge commercial projects. So not only will the nature of your job vary, but so will your location, and you won’t be one of those people who sit in the same chair in the same office day in, day out.

What Next?

Sound good? Well, now you’re on board, the next step to becoming a gas engineer getting in touch with us here at Options Skills by calling 0800 802 1306 or filling in the enquiry form. We offer several gas safe courses which will give you the best possible start to an undoubtedly successful career.

All data correct at time of publication.