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Retrain as a plumber with RF training’s plumbing courses

Watching last night’s episode of Channel 4’s hit television show Coppers, where police officers in the dog unit looked at their prospects when forced to leave after 30 years of service, the question many people face when their current career comes to end became apparent: “What will I do next?” From our point of view, the answer is to retrain as a fully qualified plumber, electrician or gas fitter.

With many people faced with the prospect of early retirement or redundancy, retraining as a highly skilled, fully qualified plumber has never been a better prospect than today. Self-employed plumbers can earn anywhere up to £45,000 a year based upon where they work and how hard they are willing to work. We help to retrain many career changers a year who go on to have successful careers as plumbers.

How our plumbing courses can help you retrain in a new career

During our 6 week intensive plumbing courses our trainees learn the essential skills needed to become a plumber. This includes pipe bending skills, understanding of systems and how to tackle everyday problems.

We differ from many training courses in that we employ practising plumbers who share with you their many years of experience and teach you the “tricks of the trade”. This training is carried out in our bespoke training centres situated in Birmingham and Manchester. These centres contain special work bays that simulate real life situations you may face when working as a professional plumber.

Start your new career as soon as you finish your old one

With our flexible training options you can now train 7 days a week on a flexible basis to fit around your schedule. Meaning that you can take the course at your own pace and pay when you are ready to move onto the next level.

If you are looking to retrain and start a new rewarding career as a plumber then call us today to find out more FREE on 0808 115 6538 or fill in a form on the right.
Read more about the selection of plumbing courses we offer or call us to see what best suits you.

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