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Electricians Needed! Payments for Mentors

Options Skills are recruiting practising electricians to act as work place mentors to new entrants to the electrical and domestic installer industry.

We are offering an attractive financial incentive to existing electricians to take on this role as well as subsidised and discounted future training.

How it Works..

You will offer genuine work experience to a mature career changer. This work experience does not need to be a full time commitment but 1 day a week would be great.

The trainee needs to complete a portfolio over a period of time that will include domestic electrical installations and some testing. All of this needs to be supervised by you.

You do not need to make a payment to the trainee. (An extra pair of hands is always useful particularly if you do not have to pay for it!)

The trainee will have already attended practical training sessions at the Options Skills training centre and will have already passed 17th Edition Wiring Regulations and Domestic Electrical Installer Training Awards.

Unlike some apprentices that you may have come across these trainees will be motivated as he or she will have funded their own training so are therefore going to be committed and they will not mess you around.

We need mentors nationwide.

There are no limits to the number of trainees that you take on.

You will receive a payment upon successful completion of trainees portfolio.

This is also a great introduction to the world of teaching for those that may be considering this at some point in their career.

Contact Mick or Ash on 0121 285 2096 for more details or email mick.fitzgerald@options-skills.co.uk

This really is a great opportunity to boost your earnings and to take on a rewarding and satisfying role that will help out new electricians. Your assistance is appreciated call today for more details.

All data correct at time of publication.