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How Electrical Training Courses Can Change Your Career

Electrical Training Courses

Electrician work is a respected profession, offering individuals the opportunity to work with both home and business owners, keeping electrical systems in check. There are several career options available in the electrical field, with them all requiring electrical training courses. Many existing electricians have a basic knowledge, however, they don’t have the training to advance their careers. Additional training can allow electricians to change their career, improve their business and earn more money.

With several training options available, many electricians are unsure of the requirements or how to go about gaining the training needed. Below we will look at a variety of positions and how you can gain employment via technical training courses.

Electrical Careers

Installation — this career choice allows you to work on installations, lighting, security, fire protection and more

Panel buildings — you will be building and installing control panels for electrical systems

Maintenance — inspection of systems to make sure proper operation

Repair — working on systems for any repair need

Entry Level Requirements

To be qualified as an electrician, you will need level 3 qualifications that are recognized by the industry. This includes:

Electrotechnical Services

Installing Electrotechnical Systems/Equipment

Electrical Installations


An apprenticeship can get you into the electrical field by taking classes full or part-time. You will learn the basics and be able to complete certain jobs, but this will not give you the certification you need to move forward with a more lucrative career.

Environmental Technologies

To further your career, you can choose to become trained in environmental technologies. This can give you the training to be able to install and maintain renewable energy technologies. This would include working on solar panels with photovoltaic systems as well as wind turbines of small scales.

Electrical engineering

You can also choose to further your career by earning higher certifications in electrical engineering. This would allow you to work on the construction of homes, or for a more lucrative career, buildings. You would be responsible for creating the plan for electrical development during the building plans and supervising the project.

Creating Your Own Business

You may also consider operating your own electrical company. By starting your own business, you have the potential to earn more money than if you were working for another company or individual. Owning a business is difficult and does require start-up money, but if you have the drive, training and experience, you will be able to create something that you can pass down to generations of your family.

If you already have certification as an electrician, you can easily earn additional training to further your career. All you need is a little time, patience and dedication to learn the training you need to get started. Determine which area you would like to move in to such as electrical engineering and find out what facilities are near you where you can take the classes needed to further your employment. You can also speak with someone who is already employed in such a position to see how you can enter the field quickly and hopefully gain a reference in the process!

To find out more about our NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course, which trains you to become an insallation electrician, visit our course page. Alternatively, call one of our advisors on 0800 802 1306 or fill in the online contact form.

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