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Tips for Gas Safe Installation

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There are millions of household in the UK who use gas for various purposes in their day to day life. Today gas has become a necessity for running most of the appliances.

The four main safety problems usually seen with gas are the gas leakages, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide. Thus it is essential that you are aware of the various regulations and steps that the UK Government has enacted for your safety while installing and using the appliances.

When you decide to buy any gas appliance, you should first decide the features you want in that appliance and then the model. You should also find out as to who would be installing the appliance and the documentation that you will need to complete the gas safe installation legally and safely.

Before You Start Gas Safe Installation

• First, find a Gas Safe Registered Engineer who is qualified for the kind of work you want and the appliance you want to get installed.

• Be lucid about the work you want and also ask for free written quotations from two or more businesses. This ensures that you would be getting the best value. The quote should include a description of the work and materials needed. The quotation should also include the make and model of the appliances to be installed, as well as the location of installation.

• Do remember to ask for proper references of their previous customers. Contact them to ask if they are satisfied with the work.

• Ask the businesses to show the proof of their business public liability insurance. Find out if the work you propose to carry out would be affecting your existing home and the content insurance.

Once you have chosen your Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Get written confirmation of the work that to be performed with complete details of the project. Ensure that it has the following points mentioned in it:

• The name, addresses, contact details and the installing business.

• The cost of the project, the work that it would cover, payment mode and any other optional additional work.

• The date of commencement and approximate date of finish along with any penalties for a late finish

• Who will be notifying the Local Authority Building Control and the approximate date by which you can receive the respective certificate?

 The details of the work to be undertaken, including the appliances and the materials needed.

• The details of the subcontractors including their registrations numbers if needed.

• The person who will dispose of the refuse and the remedial works if needed.

• After service warranties on the appliances, materials as well as workmanship.

• The Gas Safe Engineer and his/her registration ID Card.

On Completion Of Gas Safe Installation

• Do make sure that the engineer completes all the required commissioning records as well as the warranty registration.

• Ensure work is completed as per specifications agreed.

Gas Safe

Gas Safe Register is a law that protects the consumers from the unsafe gas work. It is a legal requirement for anyone who carries out gas work. It allows the registered engineer to work legally and assures the consumer regarding your competence in working and handling the gas safely. There are many institutions who train students to be gas engineers by helping them to pass the mandatory ACS Gas qualifications and then register with the Gas Safe Register.

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