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Five Marketing Activities for Tradesmen


So you might be a pro at plugging leaks, rewiring houses or fixing boilers but raw skills alone won’t make your business successful. There are other things to consider such as customer service, marketing and learning new skills. Here are five marketing activities that you should be doing to get ahead of the competition.

Get On The Web

When’s the last time you pulled out the yellow pages to find a service you needed? If your company’s not on the internet you could be missing out on hundreds of potential customers. Whether it’s getting a website made, making a Google Business page or joining a service such as Trust a Trader, an internet presence is essential and will bring customers to you.

Customer Service

Whether it’s picking up the phone in a professional manner or how you act while on the job, good customer service goes a long way. A slack phone manner could mean your potential customers go elsewhere. And a bad service will mean no repeat business and a bad review to boot. Be professional and make sure you’re punctual, reliable and friendly.

Business Cards

Even if you’ve given a customer a top class service that they won’t forget. The chances are six months down the line, they will forget your phone number. Get some business cards done and give them to your customers so the next time they or someone they know needs a tradesman, they’ll call you.


If you’ve been working in the trades as an electrician or a plumber, it’s worth seeing if you can upskill and add a few more strings to your bow. At Options Skills, we offer Electrical Training and courses that would help you become a Gas Safe engineer. More skills mean more money and work for you.

Build your Reputation

Getting loads of work and doing it well? Make sure your next potential customers know about it. Just ask your happy customers to leave a review on your website, Facebook or your Trust a Trader website.

All data correct at time of publication.