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Five Minute With Avinash – Gas Course Graduate


Why did you do the gas course?
From the time I graduated, I have worked in an office based environment. That no longer appealed to me. There are other ways to earn a living.

Why do you want to become a gas engineer?
The ability to work for myself and the satisfaction that comes with it was a key factor.

Why did you choose Options Skills for your gas course?
At the time I had two competing training providers. Option Skills were able to provide me a mentor to build my portfolio. At the time all the gas engineers I had approached were either too busy or not interested to help develop my portfolio. Providing a mentor was a critical factor why I chose Option Skills.

How did you find the course at Options Skills?
The tutors were friendly and helpful. They knew most of us (gas trainees) were from different careers and backgrounds. The course can appear challenging since you are learning new gas concepts, information and skills.

How did you find the teachers at Options Skills?
All teachers were competent and approachable. Sharing their past work experience helped to reassure us that we are entering a trade that was worth our effort.

How would you sum up your experience?
The experience at Option Skills has been positive, worth it.

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