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Gas Foundation Course – Week 1 – Plumbing Skills 8th May 2017

Our Birmingham based 6 week Gas Foundation course starts off with our Professional Plumbing Skills Course. This helps our students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to continue onto more complex Gas Foundation coursework or to become a competent domestic plumber. We catch up with our May Gas Foundation Training Group as they undertake the first week of their training.

During the first week of the training, students will work to improve and complete their copper pipework skills, replacement of central heating controls and off-sets and full pass overs.

Pictured are our Plumbing & Gas students using a workbench to cut and prepare materials for a bathroom suite, as part of their practical training. This portion of the training course is set to ensure that students gain critical pipework skills and confidence which they can transfer over to the complex heating and plumbing installations.

Below are students carrying out plastic pipe work in our practical bathroom suites. Options Skills ensures to give students as much practical and realistic experience for students to gain usable plumbing skills. Which will allow them to practice as a competent plumber, before moving on to the gas training course.







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