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Muhammad Khilji – Birmingham Gas Course Graduate

Muhammad Khilji, Birmingham Gas Course

Quite often, Options Skills takes on students who are already working within the trades industry. Their reason for enrolling onto one of our courses is that they want to expand the services they can offer. Adding more services to their skill set, they’re able to increase the amount of work they can accept. By being able to undertake the work themselves, it stops them having to rely on a third party. As a result of this, they increase their own earning potential.

Muhammed Khilji was one of those students. Already working in the trades industry as an electrician, Muhammed decided to add a gas qualification to his list of skills and joined our profession gas course. Successfully passing, he became a Birmingham Gas Course Graduate.

Upon completing the Birmingham gas course, this is what Muhammad Khilji had to say about his training with us:

“I have been a practising electrician for the last 3 years and made the decision that I would like to enrol on to an accredited course to become a gas safe engineer. That’s when I came across Options Skills.

I chose Options Skills because the price was reasonable, they were local and the course advisers were reassuring. The course was difficult but worth the effort. Options Skills has definitely prepared me to become a gas engineer and has given me the skills to work in the field. The trainers were very approachable and helpful.

Now that I have gained the qualifications and experience necessary, I will continue to do electrical work and use my gas qualifications to increase my earning potential. ”

If you’re looking to learn another trade, or you’re a beginner in the industry, Options Skills can help. We have ACS gas courses and NVQ Level Electrical Training available in our Birmingham, London and Manchester training centres.

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