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5 Minutes With Irfan Patel, Birmingham Gas Trainee

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Stasescu Cristinel was looking to add to their existing plumbing business  by adding a professional gas qualification to his existing skillset. Allowing him to expand his earning potential and increase the amount of work he can accept without having to rely on a third party to do the technical jobs.

Here is what Stasescu Cristinel had to say about his training with us:

“I am originally from Hungary and have been a joiner for the past 14 years. I became tired of waiting on gas engineers to finish kitchen installations and decided to become one myself.

I began to shop around for a gas course and wasn’t impressed with the competitions sales pitch, that’s when I chose Options Skills. The gas course at Options Skills was challenging but well explained. Gerard and John were very good, informative and experienced trainers giving us a great perspective on what to expect out there.

Options Skills has provided me with sufficient experience that I am confident enough to carry out any gas work. I will now carry on with joinery work and incorporate gas work into my business.

Upon leaving Tibor Naqy summed up his training with:

“The course was challenging but well explained”

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