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How Much Does ACS Membership Cost?

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Whether you’re just starting on your journey as a gas engineer, or you’ve been in the trade for a while, you may be wondering, “how much does ACS membership cost?”

ACS is the industry recognised route for gas engineers to gain their certificate of competence. 

ACS membership is an essential requirement to become a gas engineer, and you should obtain it through ACS Initial Assessment. It allows you to join the Gas Safe Register as an approved engineer. If you’re currently working as a gas engineer, you should already be aware of the importance of ACS membership. Failure to pass your ACS assessment makes you unable to work as a gas safe engineer legally.

What Does The ACS Assessment Include?

The ACS initial assessment takes approximately two weeks and incorporates the full domestic suite of gas appliances. Before the assessment, you will be able to undertake a three-day refresher course.

You will undertake a series of written assessments and a mixture of open and closed book exams. In addition, practical assessment for each gas appliance will also take place.

Similarly to the ACS initial assessment, ACS renewal includes both written and practical evaluation, covering the domestic suite of ACS gas qualifications. Depending on requirements, ACS renewal takes between 8 and 40 hours.

Renewal must take place within 12 months of the expiration of your previous ACS gas qualifications. For example, if your ACS gas qualifications expired over 12 months ago, you must complete your ACS initial assessment again.

How Much Does ACS Membership Cost?

ACS membership cost varies depending on whether you’re training with us here at Options Skills, trained with another training provider, or undertaking your ACS renewal.

The ACS initial assessment is included in our ACS gas training course for Options Skills students.

For external candidates coming to Options Skills for ACS initial training & assessment, there is a cost of £1,500.

ACS renewal and reassessment costs approximately £875, and you must renew your qualifications every five years.

ACS Gas Course

If you want to join our ACS gas course, call one of our advisors today on 0800 802 1306 or fill in our online contact form.

All data correct at time of publication.