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Gas Safety Week 2018 – Becoming A Gas Engineer

Becoming A Gas Engineer

Is becoming a gas engineer something that’s been on your mind lately? Maybe you’re already working in the trades industry but are looking to change direction. You might be working a typical 9-5 job and are becoming bored or it. Or maybe you’re just starting in the world of work and feel like gas engineering could be the career for you. Whatever your situation, Options Skills can help you gain the experience and qualifications you need. From our Birmingham, London or Manchester training centres, you can complete our ACS gas training course, earn your ACS qualification and apply to be gas safe registered.

This week marks Gas Safety Week 2018. Seven days dedicated to promoting gas safety, and there is no better way to do that than by being a gas safe registered gas engineer yourself.

Below you will find several different pages and blog posts filled with all the information you could need about becoming a gas engineer.

Considering Becoming A Gas Engineer:

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Why Become A Gas Engineer?

How To Become A Gas Safe Engineer

Our Courses:

ACS Gas Training Course

Fast Track Intensive Gas Courses

Gas Training For Plumbers

Once You’re Qualified:

10 Ways To Market Yourself As A Gas Engineer 

How Much Can I Earn As A Gas Engineer?

5 Ways You Can Prevent Tool Theft

Get Paid On Time | Avoid Late Or Non-Payments

However, if you do happen to have any questions, our advisors are available to answer them at 0800 802 1306

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