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Job Hunting And Interview Techniques With Job Club

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You’re qualified, or at least on your way to being and now, it’s just a case of getting employment in your chosen field. Job hunting isn’t always easy and sometimes feels like a full-time job itself. With just one vacancy but hundreds of people applying, you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You need to prove you’re the right person for the job.

At Options Skills, after stage one of our NVQ Level 3 Training Course, students move onto step two. Step two is the portfolio building stage of their training, and for this, they need to find employment.

Before this time, we offer a Job Club session to our students, providing them with plenty of tips, tricks and advice to assist them in their job search.

From CV writing tips and telephone interview techniques to introducing them to the hidden job market, we run these sessions in all our centres in week 7 of the centre led training.

For months now, we have been helping students, providing them with tools and knowledge to assist them in job hunting.

The feedback we have received has been positive across the board, with our trainees rating the sessions very positively.

“10/10” and “Excellent”

Hidden Job Market

We aim to provide students with plenty of techniques to find the jobs they want and become employed, and to do this. We introduce them to the hidden job market.

Bryn Morgan, an electrical NVQ student training in Birmingham, who has now successfully gained employment in his local area, said:

“I learned techniques for finding jobs in places I would not necessarily have thought of”.

We want trainees to be aware of all the places they can search for jobs, not just the typical avenues. Doing so gives them the best chance possible of finding exactly what they want.

Telephone Interview Techniques

Many interviews are now conducted via phone these days rather than face-to-face. This means that being confident and comfortable during a phone interview is a crucial skill to have.

We offer practice phone interviews during job club sessions, which our students have welcomed.

Marcus McDonald reported back that the workshop:

“Made my confidence rise in such circumstances…and covered a lot of areas I was concerned about”.

Student liaison manager Adam Graham runs job Club workshops. Adam provides support throughout and even after all our students have completed their training courses. With several years of experience within the industry, he delivers the workshop to cover all the necessary aspects of job hunting and more.

Options Skills Recruitment

At the end of the job club workshop, our trainees are introduced to our in-house recruitment team.

Our team build relationships with employers across the UK. Through this, they’re able to match candidates with suitable job roles.

The team currently boasts a 90% success rate for finding students work just one month after completing stage one of their training.


Throughout job club sessions, we always ensure students are on track. If they have any questions, we are always happy to answer them as best we can. Better yet, if they have any suggestions or ideas for improving the workshop, we will listen and do what we can to implement these changes.

Speaking to those who have been part of the sessions, they have said they would happily recommend job club to other students. So, if you’re currently training to earn your NVQ Level 3 with us or you’re planning to enrol, make sure to sign up for job club as well.

Options Skills aren’t just here to help people get trade qualifications in gas engineering and electrical engineering. We want to ensure our trainees get those qualifications and get into work afterwards.

The trades industry is a great one to be a part of, and we will help our students become a part of it any way we can.

If you want more information about the workshops, you can visit our Job Club page or call us on 0800 802 1306.

All data correct at time of publication.