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Introducing Our Plumbing Training Centre

Tool wall in the Options Skills plumbing training centre

For the last few months, the team in the plumbing department have been working tirelessly to create a dedicated plumbing training centre.

Options Skills Birmingham is located in central Birmingham in the Jubilee Centre, and the plumbing course will take place on the ground floor in a newly acquired unit.

It was a completely blank canvas starting as a vast, open space. The perfect kind of space from which to create something original and bespoke.

plumbing training centre

Work Begins

From there, our plumbing trainers designed, with great detail, a brand new plumbing training centre. From the first initial sketches to accurately drawn up plans and work beginning, a whole host of time, thought, and hard work went into creating this space.

Throughout the process over the last few months, we’ve been tracking the development of what we were calling our ”secret project”—teasing photos and videos of the space online via our social media platforms.

Each day, the plumbing training centre changed and progressed.

Soon enough, everything began to take shape. Framework went in, and bays and rooms began to appear. The vision and sketches created at the start of the project started to come to life.

Our last visit before the grand opening of the plumbing training centre saw it was close to being finished. Our team painted dedicated classroom spaces, and all the bays were in. They set out tools and equipment ready for the students to begin.

plumbing training centre

Plumbing Training Centre Open Day

On Friday 18th January, our dedicated plumbing training centre officially opened. The first class of NVQ Level 2 plumbing students began their training just three days later.

The centre features practical work areas, bays and classroom space. There is also a common area for students during break and lunchtimes.

Providing a fully-equipped and high-quality training centre is something we pride ourselves on.

We believe offering a professional yet relaxed environment is essential to ensuring our students succeed. At Options Skills, trainees can focus solely on their training, working to the best of their ability and gaining their qualifications.


Become A Professional Plumber

Are you interested in training to become a plumber?

You can visit our Plumbing Training Course page or speak to one of our advisors on 0800 802 1306 for more information.

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