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5 Reasons To Become An Electrician

Two trainee electricians working in workshop bays on consumer units

There has never been a better time to learn a trade and become an electrician.

From the earning potential to an excellent working environment, more and more people are considering a career in the trades.

Here are just five of the benefits that await those with the skills, motivation and drive to become an electrician.

High Earning Potential

When looking into any career, earning potential is an essential factor. You need to ensure that the job you want can provide you with the salary you need to support yourself and your family.

Luckily for those looking into becoming an electrician, the trade boasts excellent earning potential. A newly qualified electrician can expect to earn anywhere between £19,000 and £22,000 a year. As your experience and skill level increase, so do your earnings. The average electrician’s salary in and around London is £36,000. If you decide to work on a self-employed basis, you set your pay rate. If you set up your own business and employ others, your earnings could increase further.

Varied Working Environment

The 9-5 office life isn’t for everyone, and many people choose to leave the world of emails, contracts and office drama behind to pick up a trade. As an electrician, your work will vary on a day-to-day basis, whether that’s working on something new as part of a larger project or working in a completely different setting each day. In the trades, you’re not tied to one single location – the industry offers a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Population Growth/Increased Demand

As the population grows, the demand for housing and more tradespeople grows. Since 2000, the United Kingdom population has increased by a staggering 8 million, and by 2030, it’s expected to reach 70 million. People are being encouraged to pick up a trade to meet the demand. Many existing tradespeople report having to turn down work because they do not have the time to complete it. Demand means that now is a better time than ever before to become an electrician.

Increased Rental Market

There has been a change in the social makeup of society. More single people live in rented accommodation than ever before, with this number set to increase. There is a lot of movement in the housing rental market, and private and social landlords are legally obliged by the Landlords and Tenants Act (1985) to ensure that the electrical wiring in their properties is safe. Periodic Inspection Reports of their properties should take place every five years or with every change of tenancy. Only electricians holding a Periodic Inspection and Testing qualification can carry out this type of report. They are in a great position to gain work due to faults or recommendations that may result from the Periodic Inspection Report.

reasons to become an electrician

It Takes a Special Kind of Person

Not everyone has what it takes to become an electrician. To do so, you need to be 100% sure of what you want and motivated to achieve it. Training to become an electrician takes time, effort and money. Though it’s no easy task, it is worth it for those with drive and motivation to create a new opportunity and successful career.

Become An Electrician With Options Skills

You can earn several different qualifications, depending on the type of electrician you want to be. Initial training will take place in a training centre or college. Here, you will learn the essential basics of electrical work through theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The next step depends on the route you choose to take.

If you want to become a domestic electrician, you must complete your DEI and 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. You can then apply to join a competent persons scheme like the NICEIC. Only then can you go out and work in a domestic dwelling.

If you wish to gain your NVQ Level 3, you must work on-site alongside an experienced electrician and build up a work portfolio after your initial training. Once you have done this, you will gain your NVQ and can undertake your AM2 assessment. Successfully passing this allows you to apply for your ECS Gold Card.

If you’re interested in training, get in touch with our course advisors on 0800 802 1306.

All data correct at time of publication.