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Options Skills Launch New Heating Engineer Training Courses

Heating engineer working on a air source heat pump

The energy industry is constantly evolving. From coal fires to gas central heating, the way we heat our homes has changed throughout history. And now more than ever, we’re seeing significant changes.

77% of the UK heat their homes with gas (Source: Statista), but as heat pumps become more readily available and solar panels more popular, that’s going to change.

And we have to change and evolve with the industry. So as we train the next generation of heating engineers, we’re ensuring we’re delivering courses that suit the current standards.

 “The gas and heating industry is evolving, this needs to happen and will continue to.

We believe that the current courses available, although adequate for now, don’t meet the future requirements for the heating industry.”

Dave Judge, Director of Compliance

ACS Domestic Gas Training

Gas and heating engineer working on pipe bending skills

As a result, we’ve developed several renewables training courses that you can undertake at Options Skills, as well as our ACS Domestic Gas training course, to deliver on our promises.

Although change is happening, gas heating will remain a common way of heating homes for many years to come.

As such, our Domestic Gas training allows students to earn qualifications in the domestic suite for gas installation, service and maintenance. With this, they can join the Gas Safe Register.

That part of our training isn’t going anywhere. However, we have added to it, and it now features Unvented Hot Water Systems (G3) training.

Earning their G3 qualification allows engineers to demonstrate understanding and competency in installing, servicing, and maintaining domestic hot water systems.


We’ve also introduced several new training courses. Our renewables courses will enable engineers to future-proof their careers and upskill to a heating engineers. Each course provides industry-recognised qualifications and teaches trainees an integral part of the heating and renewables sector.

Ultimately, students will be experienced and qualified to work on domestic gas heating systems and be part of a network of heating engineers working towards a lower-carbon future.

“We have developed a future-proof course, designed to take the learner on a journey.

This journey will not only give the learner a domestic suite for gas installation, service and maintenance but will develop the learner into a fully qualified gas and heating engineer, ready to take the industry to the next level.

The engineer will be fully trained and prepared to deliver some of the 600,000 heat pumps that need to be installed annually, to meet the governments target of 19 million heat pumps to be installed by 2050.”

Dave Judge, Director of Compliance

Gas Engineer To Heating Engineer

Example of the renewables equipment at Options Skills

As well as helping new entrants join the trades, we want to encourage existing tradespeople to upskill.

Gas engineers are the best people for the job when it comes to helping the UK lower carbon emissions. And with an increased skillset comes an increase in demand and earnings.

The courses are priced individually or as a package deal. Our courses advisors can assist you if you’re unsure which qualifications you need.

“This suite of qualifications is a considerable uplift from the previous course and is far superior to other courses available. These qualifications will allow an engineer to shape the future of the country’s heating industry and meet our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint”.

Gas isn’t going anywhere yet, but the future is in heat pumps and low-temperature heating, using stored hot water systems.

Our course will provide engineers with the skills and qualifications to keep existing appliances and systems safe and operational and install and maintain the latest in heating technology.”

Dave Judge, Director Of Compliance

For more information, visit ACS Domestic Gas Training Course or call us on 0800 802 1306.

All data correct at time of publication.