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At Options Skills, we are always looking for experienced electricians and gas engineers to become a mentor to our students. As our courses have monthly start dates, there is always a fresh intake of students looking to learn a trade. In order for them to fully complete their training, as per their course requirements, they need to spend time on-site, practising the trade before they can progress to the next step.

On-site work experience takes place during step two of their training. During step one they are taught all of the essential theoretical knowledge and essential practical skills they need in their chosen trade to begin work on-site. As work must be completed under the supervision of a qualified gas engineer or electrician, Options Skills are always looking for people in the industry who are willing to help and become mentors for the students.

With training centres in Birmingham, London or Manchester, we have students training with us from all over the country. With that in mind, we need mentors from all over the United Kingdom to allow our students to complete valuable work experience.

You’ll get an extra pair of hands to help you out, from students who are professional, eager to learn and dedicated. With each student paying for their course out of their own pocket, they’re serious about entering the trades.


We currently recruit practising gas engineers who hold current Gas Safe Registration to be work-based mentors across the UK.

In your role as a mentor, you will supervise and assist gas trainees, helping them build their on-site portfolios and gain valuable work experience. Trainees are typically more mature adults (not school leavers). Funding their training, they are serious about the trade. They have already completed step one of their domestic gas training and are ready to start the next phase.

Students undertake their gas work experience voluntarily. You will not have to pay students to share your knowledge and expertise. Instead, gas mentors will receive £500 for taking on one of our students. 


We are looking for practising electricians willing to supervise trainee students and help them gain work experience.

Our electrical courses tend to attract more mature adults who have funded their own training. Serious about their new career, they will have already have complete step one of training. In addition, they will have gained 18th Edition and DEI qualifications.

Step two involves working as a paid trainee under the supervision of a qualified electrician. In return, becoming a mentor means you’ll gain help on-site from a student who’s dedicated and focused on gaining their NVQ Level 3.


For gas students, typically 1 day’s work experience each week over a period of 12 weeks is sufficient. Allowing them to gain essential practical skills and confidence in the workplace. For electrical students, duration of training on-site is dependent on the student. For more information, visit the NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course page.


If you would like to join our growing team of mentors please contact our career services team on 0800 802 1306 or by email at Alternatively, if it’s not for you, you may be able to recommend us to someone you may know that’s looking for an extra pair of hand

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