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Best Tool Brands For Tradespeople 2023

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There are plenty of great brands to choose from to create your perfect tool kit.

But it’s not just tradespeople who should be investing their money wisely. Whether you’re working on-site or undertaking DIY, having the right tools that stand the test of time will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

Your tool selection will vary depending on your trade, but these are some of our favourite tool brands that you can’t go wrong with.

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Initially founded in 1910, Black+Decker has become a household name for power tools, hand tools and accessories. And it’s not just tools of the trades that Black+Decker offer.

Popular with tradespeople and homeowners alike, you’ll find the brand in almost every merchant with home improvement and DIY, home cleaning, and outdoor and gardening tools and products to choose from. And what’s more – they’re a great budget-friendly brand with plenty of products being under £100. 


Bosch is one of the most recognisable names in the trades, with its long history starting in 1886. 

You may know Bosch for their appliances – from washers and dryers to fridges and coffee machines, but they also manufacture a broad range of tools for your professionals and homeowners. 

The Bosch Blue (Bosch professional) range is aimed at professional tradespeople and it suited to heavy-duty site work, while the Bosch Green (Bosch DIY) is aimed at small jobs around the home and garden.

Available online and across the UK in stores, Bosch is an affordable option, with prices of cordless drills ranging from £35 to £250.

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CK Tools

With over 100 years in the industry manufacturing high-quality tools, CK Tools are a firm favourite in the trades industry. With three different product ranges: CK Magma – a premium range of tool storage, CK Classic – a range of garden tools, cutlery and hardware products and CK Tools – designed for professionals, there’s something for every trade – from pocket knives to meter cases, hammers to wire strippers.

CK Tools can be found in Screwfix and on Amazon, with plenty of other stockists across the UK and beyond.

Close up of a tradesperson using a DeWalt drill tool


If you’re part of the trades industry or have even ever just browsed in a merchant, you’ll know DeWalt. Established in 1922, DeWalt has produced high-quality tools to optimise Jobsite solutions. With a range of power tools and hand tools, workwear and storage solutions, DeWalt provides everything you need for the trades. 

But, more than just creating the tools for the job, in 2021, DeWalt partnered with Band of Builders. A UK charity, Band of Builders donate their time and expertise to projects around the UK, and DeWalt supplied the tools to help them do it.

Array of tools laid out on a wooden table top


Draper has an extensive range of tools to choose from, whether you’re an electrician, painter, decorator, or plasterer. Founded in 1919, Draper is a family business producing tools to suit every budget with a range of automotive, DIY and gardening and tools for the trades.

Their Draper brand is the more budget-friendly option and Draper Expert for the professional market.

Erbauer battery charger


Erbauer delivers tools that are reliable, durable and steadfast. With a range of drills, grinders, saws, sanders, planers and multi-tools, Erbauer aims to create tools that are easy to use, work hard and last. 

A budget-friendly tool brand, you can pick up a cordless combi drill for just £50 and a 100 piece drill bit set for just £40.


Established over 90 years ago, Festool is passionate about the quality of its power tools. Building them to stand the test of time, it’s no surprise they’ve become a favourite amongst tradespeople.

Manufacturing a wide range of power tools and related accessories, whether you’re looking for a new drill or a way to organise your workspace, Festool has you covered.


With any tools you use, you want to be able to feel the quality, and that’s exactly why Simon of Keell Electrical recommends Knipex.

They have an extensive range of hand tools, including gripping pliers, wire strippers, pipe wrenches and carpenters’ pincers. With precision and reliability at the heart of everything they produce, they impose strict quality requirements on all of their products. As a result, tradespeople can rest assured they’ve got the best tool for the job at hand.

Makita lawnmower being used on long grass


Makita is a popular tool brand with 100 years of experience and launched in the UK in the 70s. They offer an extensive range of power tools, including combi drills, jigsaws, mixers and multi-tools. Makita creates innovative tools, allowing tradespeople to always be able to find the tool for the job and rest assured of its quality.

And when it comes to price, there’s a range to suit every budget. So, for example, if you’re looking for a combi drill, you can find one from Makita for £44.99. Or, if you’re looking to invest more money into your toolkit, you can go to the other end of the range and spend £479.99.

Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools has been manufacturing products since 1924 and is only growing in popularity. With their distinctive red and black design, Milwaukee tools are not just known for their style but their excellent performance and quality.

Focusing on designing tools to get the job done better, faster, reliably and safely, you can find everything from power tools and workwear to storage and PPE.

Whether your local merchant is a Wolseley, Selco, Brewers or an independent, you’ll be able to find a range of Milwaukee products to help you get the job done.


Rothenberger is happy to shout about their products – and there’s a good reason.

For over 70 years, they’ve focused on innovative technology to manufacture a full range of plumbing and pipe tools.
A big name in the industry, Rothenberger is a brand which tradespeople are happy to invest their hard-earned money into.

Yellow spirit level placed on top of paving stones


If you’ve ever been on-site or around a tradesperson, you’ll most likely have seen a Stabila spirit level – and there’s a reason why. Sine 1865, ingenuity has been at the heart of what they do. 

From humble beginnings producing folding rules, Stabila is now the go-to brand for spirit levels, tape measures, lasers and optical levels. With their ethos being “good tools – good work”, they know that to reach your full potential, you need to have the best quality tools to assist you.


With their unmistakable yellow and black design, you’ll find at least one Stanley item in almost every toolbox. For over 175, Stanley has been leading the way, creating quality tools for professionals.

With a wide range of hand tools, power tools, accessories, storage solutions and workspace essentials, Stanley is highly rated across the trades for it’s quality and affordability. And better still, it’s available globally at numerous retailers.

Array of tools laid out on a wooden table top


Wera are recommended by our very own gas trainer, Mark, who called them “superior”. Despite already offering over 3000 different tools, Wera is always looking for new ways to develop and provide innovative products. Not happy with conforming to the existing standards, Wera wants to make its tools simpler, safer and more effective to help tradespeople across the globe. Keen to be involved in the trades community, you’ll find them across numerous social media platforms, at exhibitions and at events so you can see why they’re so popular for yourself.

Array of tools of different brands laid out on a wooden table top

Velocity Pro Gear

And when you’ve curated your perfect tool kit, you’ll need somewhere to keep it safe and organised. 

Velocity Pro Gear designs an extensive range of tool bags in their Rouge, Stealth and Camo collections varying in size and style, that are built to last. Not only that, but you’ll find lunch bags, work mats, custom patches, laptop sleeves and more! Simply put, you’ll find everything you need to store and protect everything you need on-site.

Best Tools For Tradespeople

Depending on your trade or DIY project, you’ll require different tools. However, we’ve put together some helpful guides so whether you’re an electrician or gas engineer, you’ll know exactly what tools you need to stock in your tool kit.

When it comes to choosing tool brands, the advice is often “choose the best you can afford”. Ultimately, when you’re working in the trades, you want tools that will deliver, stand the test of time and above, and make your job that bit easier.

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