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BS7671 iee Wiring Regulations changes colour in 2012

Those in the electrical community may already be aware of the 17th edition wiring regulations (known by many as the red book).

The red book is soon to be no more as although the BS7671 iee wiring regulations are not becoming the 18th edition they are adding a new series of amendments aptly named, amendments No.1 2011, which has prompted a reprint to a green book (as pictured).

What are the amendments to bs7671 iee wiring regulations?

The amendments include the addition of a number of new sections which can be seen below:

  • New section 444 – Measures against electromagnetic disturbances – equipment which can cause a electromagnetic change such as fluorescent lighting, lifts, transformers are subject to this amendment recommending avoidance near IT equipment.
  • New section 534 – Devices for protection against over voltage. Selection of surge protection devices (SPD) – requires surge protection for sensitive equipment such as computers.
  • New section 710 – Medical locations – this puts a heavier emphasis on ensuring the safety of medical equipment and those subject to the equipment, including life support machines, operating theatres, etc.
  • New section 729 – Operating or maintenance gangways – this section requires adequate safety is taken into account in maintenance areas.

The new measures will also form part of the replacement for the Periodic Inspection Report

Appendix 6 – New model forms for certification and reporting – this covers the new Electrical Installation condition Report (EICR) which supersedes the Periodic Inspection Report (PIR).

Those who have already completed any training in bs7671 iee wiring regulations or 17th edition qualifications will not be required to retrain be must be aware of the changes. The new changes are due to come into effect from January 2012.

Look out on this blog for further explanation of the changes as we approach the new year.

All data correct at time of publication.