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Why Consider A Career In The Trades Industry?

Electrical trainees in workshop

Whether you’re just entering the working world or want a career change, it’s worth considering a career in the trades industry.

Times are changing; the job market is ever-evolving, and stereotypes about the industry are disappearing.

It’s an exciting and inclusive industry to be a part of – but there’s more.

Training Is Affordable

Higher education can come with a sizeable price tag, and when you look at the likes of going to university, that’s definitely the case.

However, in contrast to high university fees, the cost of a trades training course is affordable and can be paid in a much shorter time. Moreover, if paid off before you’re fully qualified, you can enter your chosen trade without debt following you.

Earn While You Learn

If and how much you can earn will vary depending on your route, but plenty of pathways to the trades industry allow you to make while learning. For example, you can begin earning as an electrical trainee just six weeks after starting our NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course.

According to Indeed, an apprentice electrician in England can expect to earn £15,507 a year, but with Options Skills, trainees can earn more. In addition, we work with UK businesses through our in-house recruitment team to find employment for our electrical trainees.

Gain Experience Straight Away

Sitting in a classroom or lecture hall for a further three years after finishing school doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Unsurprisingly, many people want to get out and gain experience straight away, which is precisely what trades training allows you to do. You learn through practical experience taught by experienced, skilled professionals in the trades.

Earn A Sizable Salary

Those in trades such as gas engineering and electrical can earn well above the national average. Starting on a generous wage, as your experience and skills grow and develop, so can your earnings.

How much you make does depend on your knowledge, skills and location. On average, electricians and gas engineers are earning over £30,000 a year,

Everyday Is Different

When every day consists of the same thing, it can get boring. Thankfully, working in the trades industry means every day is different, whether working on a completely different job, undertaking new tasks or meeting new people.

There’s A Demand

As people from the trades retire, the demand for replacements continues. This increase, along with the growing population and booming housing market, means existing tradespeople can’t keep up and have to turn work down. As a result, tradespeople are in demand more than ever before.

Supportive Industry

The level of support within the trades industry is unmeasurable. Whether it’s advice, a tool recommendation or someone to help you, there’s always tradesperson willing to help.

Work For Yourself

When you enter the trades industry, you learn a skill for life and gain the opportunity to become your own boss.

Many tradespeople choose to work for themselves, allowing them to set their working hours and pay rates. Of course, it means more work marketing yourself and getting your name out there, but the benefits make it worthwhile.

Job Satisfaction

Gas engineer trainee soldering a copper pipe

What’s great about working in the trades is that you can immediately see the effects of your labour. You can feel warmth filling a house after you’ve fixed the boiler. You’ll be able to stand back and appreciate the look of the room you’ve just painted. You get to see a room light up with the fixtures you’ve newly installed.

But mostly, it’s the appreciation of customers that makes it all worth it.

Though people might not think of tradespeople as fit and healthy, they’re always on the go. Being constantly on your feet, carrying heavy equipment and going between jobs could arguably be more productive than a gym session.

It’s Inclusive

While there was once a time when it was rare to see women in the industry, times are changing. Though women only make up around 2% of those in the trades, that number continually increases.

And it’s not just those fresh from formal education joining the industry. People of all ages are looking for careers in the trade to provide them with a stable income, job satisfaction and a new challenge.

Considering A Career In The Trades?

If you are interested in a career in the trades, look no further. You can train to become an installation electrician or gas engineer with Options Skills. For more information, visit our course pages or call to talk to one of our course advisors on 0800 802 1306.

All data correct at time of publication.