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Welcome to our Homeowner Guide, your comprehensive resource for all things related to energy efficiency, heating systems, and sustainable practices for homeowners. This category is designed to empower you with knowledge and practical tips to make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Through informative articles, how-to guides, product reviews, and real-life case studies, we strive to demystify complex concepts and provide practical solutions that are easy to implement. Whether you are considering a solar panel installation, upgrading your boiler, or exploring the benefits of geothermal heating, this category offers valuable insights and guidance.

We encourage you to explore the articles, engage with our community, and share your own experiences and insights. Together, let’s discover innovative solutions, learn from one another, and create homes that are not only energy-efficient but also welcoming and eco-friendly.

Heating | Energy Saving Tips

Heating - Trainee working on boiler

Gas engineer and director of compliance at Options Skills, Dave Judge, shares how you can reduce your heating usage and bills this winter. With the ever-increasing rise in energy prices (Source: The Independent), it is prudent that everyone takes the time to ensure they are as energy conscious as possible. Heating your home can be a considerable expense, and with prices rising, now more than ever, we need to be thinking about and making an effort to

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How To Prevent and Treat Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipe

There are many things to consider for your home over the colder months, from saving money on energy bills to staying safe over Christmas. Another thing to add to that list is how to prevent frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can often lead to burst pipes, leaks and floods. Thankfully, you can take several preventative steps to avoid the risk. How And Why Do Pipes Freeze? Pipes usually have a small amount of water, even when the taps are

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Signs You’ve Hired A Cowboy Tradesperson

Close up of a tradesperson's tool belt with a hammer and level

Cowboy tradespeople can cause a multitude of problems. Whether it’s building a poor quality extension, “fixing” your clogged drains only to find they didn’t fix it at all or leaving work incomplete. Not only do cowboy tradespeople cause stress and anger for the people they dupe, but they also cost them a lot of money and time. Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad. Cowboy tradespeople are the minority, and the majority in the industry take great pride

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How To Stay Safe Driving In Icy Conditions

Empty icy road with trees partly hidden by mist and fog

As we get further into the winter and temperatures are dropping each day, the chance of snow and ice increases. Unfortunately, a more challenging and potentially dangerous time for drivers comes with this. Accidents increase by 20% during the winter (Source: Insure The Box), meaning you must take extra care and put precautions in place to ensure you can make your journey as safe as possible in icy conditions. Only Drive If/When Necessary If possible, during periods of

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How To Prevent Heat Loss In Your Home

white rocking chair in front of bay window

In the colder months, it’s essential to keep your home nice and toasty, but there are plenty of ways in which you may be losing heat throughout your house. Unfortunately, you may not notice it or even be aware that these things are causing you to increase your central heating. When you turn the central heating on, you want it to do its job and warm up your home. However, if your home isn’t adequately insulated, you’ll

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Christmas Safety Tips – Stay Safe At Home This Christmas

Close up of Christmas tree and baubles

Christmas really can be the most wonderful time of year. Spending time with family and friends, enjoying delicious food, and sharing presents are just some of the many things that make it so magical. With more people around the house, excitement and more things – think presents and decorations – Christmastime can also become a dangerous time of year. Nobody wants the season to end up with an accident or tragedy, which is why you need to

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Keep Your Boiler Working This Winter

Close up of a boiler control panel

Winter is a magical time of the year, with everyone excited for Christmas and New Year. It’s a time to celebrate, but your boiler breaking down is something you certainly wouldn’t be celebrating. Throughout the colder months, central heating becomes a necessity. The cold weather means cosy nights are a must, and early mornings are a bit more bearable thanks to the radiators that warm your home. Your boiler keeps you and your family warm morning and

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How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

Close up of sparkler

Remember, remember the 5th of November. And don’t forget to stay safe on Bonfire Night. Also known as Guy Fawkes Night, on November 5th, the skies are lit up with fireworks each year while bonfires blaze and sparklers dance on the ground below. It’s a beautiful affair that brings families and friends together. The night’s history goes back to 1605, but it wasn’t until the twentieth century that we began celebrating it in the way we know

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Signs Of Electrical Overload In The Home

Close up of lightbulb

According to statistics from Electrical Safety First, between 2015/16, there were 28,350 fires, and 15,432 were of electrical origin. Approximately half of all electrical fires were due to misuse of an appliance or articles being too close to them. Faults caused the other half. Of those fires, there were 1380 fatalities and injuries, which averages four every day. Electricity is a huge part of everyday life and fills our homes. For example, we use electricity daily for lighting and

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Gas Safety Week – Gas Safety Tips

Gas safe engineer checking the underneath of a boiler

Each year in September, the Gas Safe Register dedicate a week to educating the nation on gas safety. Gas Safety Week raises awareness of the dangers and hazards of poorly maintained gas appliances. With a risk of gas leaks and fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning, being gas safe and maintaining high standards is as important as ever. Gas safety is paramount but often forgotten. That’s why weeks like Gas Safety Week are so important. They remind people

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