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Welcome to the Testimonials category, a space dedicated to sharing the experiences, stories, and insights of students from various backgrounds. In this category, you will find a collection of firsthand accounts that provide a unique glimpse into the lives of students, their challenges, achievements, and personal journeys.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student seeking inspiration and support, or someone interested in gaining insights into the world of education, our student testimonials provide a platform for sharing and learning from one another. By exploring these testimonials, you can gain valuable advice, discover new strategies for success, and find reassurance that you are not alone in your educational journey.

Thank you for joining us. Through the power of storytelling, we aim to foster a sense of connection, empathy, and support among our students. We hope these stories inspire you, offer valuable insights and remind you that you are part of a larger community of learners.

Career Change | From Plasterer To Electrician

Electrician working on-site using a drill

After 14 years as a plasterer and business owner, Johnathan wanted a career change and looked to Options Skills to make his dream a reality. People opt for a career change for many different reasons. From seeking out better pay or work-life balance to wanting more job satisfaction. And with so much time spent working, it’s crucial to be happy in what you’re doing. Johnathan was originally a plasterer, working in the industry for more than 14

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Who Are Options Skills Trainees? And Where Are They Now?

Plumbing trainee teaching an Options Skills trainee copper piping skills

The trades industry has never been more diverse. While historically, tradespeople were typically working-class men who left school and went straight into work, there are now plenty of people bucking the trend. With stereotypes fading away, the trades industry has opened up to more people than ever before. You could learn a trade regardless of your background, career history, age, and gender. No longer are people staying in one career their entire working life. Instead, people leave the

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From The Entertainment Industry To Electrics | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee measuring grey wiring with a measuring tape

Joe became an electrical trainee to expand his skillset and increase his earning potential. Though many of the students at Options Skills are looking for a complete career change, others train to expand their skillset within their current role. For example, we’ve had plumbers add gas engineering to their CV and scaffolders add electrics. Gaining new qualifications, skills, and experience are great for broadening the variety of projects you can take on, making your days at work

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From Retail To Optech Electrical | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee leaning on step ladders to write down notes

Electrical trainee Greg wanted a career change, so he moved into the trades industry. It’s never too late to change your career, and Options Skills electrical trainee, Greg, is the perfect example of that. After 13 years working in the retail sector, Greg wanted something new and began looking into the trades industry to provide him with a stable yet exciting career. Greg knew the basics of both electrics and plumbing. However, after speaking with one of

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From College To Employment | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee working on sockets at a workshop bench

Electrical trainee Jaheim found private training at Options Skills provided him with the opportunities he wanted. From 18 to 68, we’ve had students of all ages train with us at Options Skills. We believe that anyone, regardless of age, should have the opportunity to learn a trade and begin a new career. 19-year-old Jaheim first contacted us in September 2020. Having completed a college course where he learned the basics of plumbing and electrics, Jaheim wanted to further

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Innovation Electrical & Data Ltd Hire Options Skills Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee snipping wires at a workshop bench

Electrical trainee Isaac wanted a complete career change, so he became an electrical trainee with Options Skills. Previously working as a pharmacy assistant, Isaac had become bored in his role and wanted a complete career change. He was looking for a career he could do self-employed, which offered diverse projects. First speaking with us at the beginning of 2020, Isaac was immediately interested in the electrical industry. The industry is booming. With the growing population and housing

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From A Factory Floor To Electrical Work On-Site | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee working on a socket board in the workshop bay

After two years in his previous role, Andre decided he was better suited to a trades career. People change their career paths for a whole host of reasons. It can be financial incentives, and it’s just time for something new for others. Whatever the reason for looking for a new career, it’s never too late to learn a trade. Andre worked in a factory for two years before enquiring with Options Skills about our course. Wanting to

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Braywhite & Co Ltd Take On Options Skills Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee screwing a consumer unit cover back on

Electrical trainee Alistair was looking for a change and opted for a career in the electrical industry. Alistar previously worked in a bank but felt it was a time for a career change. Careers changers are something we see a lot of at Options Skills. No one kind of person trains with us. We’ve had taxi drivers and teachers, pilots and plasterers. All of them looking for a new career that they’ll enjoy provide them with job

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From Redundancy To Full-Time Work | Electrical Trainee

Electrical student working on a consumer unit

After redundancy from retail, electrical trainee Steven is now working full-time as an electrician. COVID-19 has put a considerable strain on most businesses, and as a result, many employees have found their roles redundant.  And it’s now more difficult than ever to find a job. At Options Skills, we often see people who have been made redundant looking for a new career they’ll enjoy, and that’s secure. People want job satisfaction and stability – and rightly so. Unfortunately,

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From Scaffolder To Sparky | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee working on a consumer unit

Electrical trainee, Haider, made the jump from scaffolder to sparky with the help of Options Skills. Previously working as a scaffolder, Haider wanted to expand his skillset, providing him with more employment opportunities and earning potential. First enquiring in February 2020, he wasn’t set on one particular trade and wanted to explore his options. At Options Skills, we often receive phone calls from people wanting to learn a trade but unsure which one is right for them.

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