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Trades professionals are the backbone of infrastructure development, ensuring that domestic & commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and utility systems are built, maintained, and upgraded to meet the needs of our communities. In this category, we bring you news and articles that cover a wide range of topics, including construction techniques, engineering innovations, electrical systems, plumbing technologies, safety regulations, and industry best practices.

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Building Regulations Part L Update

Stack of leaflets displaying energy efficiency scale alongside title "Building regulations part L update

What is the new Part L Update, and how will it impact existing and new heating engineers across England? Building Regulations Part L covers the conservation of fuel and power in the building of new homes in England. It establishes how energy-efficient new and existing homes should be. Based on the Part L update, new homes must produce 31% fewer carbon emissions than what was previously acceptable. Approved Document Part L1A: Covers the requirements for new homes

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Tradespeople Earn More Than University Graduates

Trainee gas engineer working on a boiler in the workshop

A survey undertaken by Selco Builders Warehouse has revealed tradespeople are happier and earn more than university graduates. Surveying over 500 tradespeople, Selco wanted to determine how their experiences differ from those who attended and graduated university. Higher education doesn’t necessarily guarantee high earnings and security like it once did. So with many people considering other routes, could a career in the trades be a better option? Finances There’s no denying that earnings can play a big

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Trainees Find Placement With Concepto Solutions

Electrical trainees in workshop, close up of student measuring wiring

Towards the end of 2018, Options Skills teamed up with Build Staff. The aim was to assist those in the trades industry in finding work. Whether that’s on an employed or sub-contract basis, Build Staff specialise in trades industry careers and matching up candidates with the right employers. As a trades training company, we partnered up with Build Staff to assist our students in their job search. This may be during training or roles after gaining their

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Options Skills At Installer Show 2019

Exterior of Ricoh Arena with Installer 2019 banner

Installer Show 2019 took place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry this year. Running from May 7th until May 9th., it was a three-day event of all things heating and plumbing. Thousands of people from all over the country travelled to the Midlands, and the show received nothing but praise. There were stalls of some of your favourite businesses and brands, products, games and talks to competitions and awards. Installer 2019 is hugely popular with people within

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Options Skills – A Trading Standards Approved Business

Man jumping in front of house

A Trading Standards Approved Business Options Skills are pleased to announce that we are now members of the Buy with Confidence scheme. Meaning we are officially a Trading Standards approved business. We understand that it can be challenging to know who to go with so many companies out there. When a customer hands over money for goods or a service, they want to be safe in the knowledge that they’re dealing with people they can trust. Knowing

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Shocking Requests Tradespeople Get From Homeowners

American style house with front porch alongside text reading 'Homeowners Shocking Requests'

As a tradesperson, you’ll have a lot to deal with. Not only do you want to get your job done, but you also have to travel far and wide. You’re continually restocking your toolkit and dealing with requests at all times of the day – and night. While it can sometimes become tiring, it’s all part of the job. You know what you signed up for when you entered the industry, and luckily, you love your job. Whether

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10 Surprising Realities Of Being A Tradesperson

A cartoon image of a person chasing another with a "kick me" sign on the floor alongside text reading "surprising realities of being a tradie"

There’s nothing quite like being a tradesperson, whether you’re a plasterer, bricklayer, electrician or gas engineer. The industry can only truly be appreciated by those who are part of it, from the banter on-site to using your skills to help people who need it most. And no matter your trade, there are certain things that everyone in the industry will understand. 1. Fixing Bodge Jobs You get called out for a “small problem, ” but you soon

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15 Shocking Facts About Electricity

Close up of electrician's tools

For many, it isn’t easy to imagine life without electricity. It powers your homes, workplaces and for some, even their cars. It has become a necessity in everyday life for many people worldwide, from boiling the kettle for a cup of tea or warming their homes. However, it certainly hasn’t always been this way. Reports of electricity in the world date back thousands of years, but it’s only in the last few hundred years that we have

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What Do Plumbers Really Think Of The Trade?

Trainee plumber screwing clip to the wall

We recently found out that plumbers are the happiest workers, so we’re now delving a little deeper, discovering what makes them tick and what plumbers really think of the trade. A recent survey carried out by Wavin has uncovered a wide range of things about the modern-day plumber. It’s clear that some things never change, but the survey unearthed a few surprising facts. We already know that plumbers are the happiest workers in Britain. Because of this, it

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Plumbers Are The Happiest Workers In Britain

Plumbing students working with copper piping

There is nothing worse than spending your Sunday evening dreading the following morning. Mondays are notorious for being the worst day of the week, but not everyone feels that way about it. They say when you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, which seems to be the case for plumbers all across Britain. They’ve been named the happiest workers in Britain. According to research undertaken by experiences firm Boundless, plumbers live the happiest

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