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Welcome to the Tradesperson Guide category, your ultimate resource for tradespeople looking to excel in their professions and enhance their skills. This category is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance, practical tips, and valuable insights to support tradespeople in various industries, from construction and plumbing to electrical work and engineering.

Whether you are an experienced tradesperson or just starting your journey, this category offers a wide range of content tailored specifically for you. From expert advice on mastering trade-specific techniques to practical tips on safety protocols, equipment maintenance, and project management, our goal is to provide you with valuable information to enhance your craft and optimize your performance.

At its core, the Tradesperson Guide is dedicated to your growth, success, and continued professional development. We believe that through continuous learning, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, you can thrive in your trade and make a significant impact in your chosen field.

The Vitality of Responsiveness for Tradespeople

Never miss a call: tradesperson / small business guide

It may sound strange to some, but for many self-employed gas engineers and other tradespeople, there’s often too much work and not enough time. The frequency and distractions caused by phone calls can be overwhelming. With clients seeking immediate assistance and potential new projects coming in, the phone constantly rings, disrupting the workflow and focus required for intricate tasks. In this article, OnTheJob explores the importance of answering calls as they come in and offers a solution

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Best Tool Brands For Tradespeople 2023

Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, stanley knife and level alongside text reading "best tool brands for tradespeople"

There are plenty of great brands to choose from to create your perfect tool kit. But it’s not just tradespeople who should be investing their money wisely. Whether you’re working on-site or undertaking DIY, having the right tools that stand the test of time will save you time, money and effort in the long run. Your tool selection will vary depending on your trade, but these are some of our favourite tool brands that you can’t go

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Tradeswomen You Should Be Following

Cartoon image of decorator holding a roller alongside text that reads "10 tradeswomen you should be following"

12 Tradeswomen To Follow On Social Media Social media is a great place to head to if you want inspiration, support, or to network with your community. But, it’s also beneficial if you want to grow your business and show off your skills – and these tradeswomen are doing just that. While tradeswomen only make up a small percentage of the industry, that number is gradually increasing, and it’s women like these that are helping to break

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Making Tax Digital – what do you need to know?

Laptop screen displaying the text "Making Tax Digital Ready"

The UK government has announced plans to make tax administration as simple as possible in recent years. The goal is to simplify tax administration and make it more efficient. What does Making Tax Digital mean for your business? Ben Dyer, CEO at Powered Now, explains everything you need to know and how to get started to comply with this new legislation. What does MTD mean for businesses? Every UK business will be affected by MTD in the

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The Best Apps For Tradespeople | 2023

Three mobile phones displaying trade apps alongside text reading "best apps for tradespeople in 2023"

In the trades, most of your time is spent on the tools, but there is also admin, marketing, ordering and more to think about and get done. These aspects can be time-consuming and lead to late nights buried under paperwork. Thankfully, that can now be a thing of the past! Numerous apps for tradespeople are available for download to streamline your bookkeeping, improve your marketing efforts and cut down time spent searching for materials in merchants. Bookkeeping

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Tradespeople You Should Be Following

10 tradies you should be following on social media

10 Tradespeople To Check Out On Social Media Social media is a great place to network and find inspiration, but it’s also an effective tool to help grow your business and profile.  Growing in popularity over the years, more and more people are utilising social media, and we’ve seen a particular increase in tradespeople using it. Whether they’re documenting their progress, creating a portfolio or networking with others in the industry, they’re proving just how beneficial it can

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Plumbers You Should Be Following

Cartoon image of a plumber holding a large wrench with the title "10 Plumbers You Should Be Following" text

10 Plumbers To Follow On Social Media Thousands of tradespeople are on social media, inspiring others to learn a trade and helping other tradies. So, we’ve hand-picked ten plumbers that you should be following. Whether you’re part of the plumbing industry already, want to join, or just like impressive installs, you won’t want to miss out. Networking with others in your industry is the perfect way to learn, be inspired and make friends. And no one does

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How To Stay Safe On-Site During A Heatwave

Tradespeople on-site during a heatwave wearing hi-vis

The sun has finally appeared in the UK – and while a heatwave is a joy for some, it’s a nightmare for others.  We’re set to have one of the hottest weeks of the year so far, with the met office issuing a warning with temperatures set to hit up to 40°C in some areas of the UK. (Source: Met Office) All of which means it’ll take more than an ice cream or two to keep safe.

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How To Get Started On Social Media

Close up of hands holding a smart phone displaying Options Skills social media Instagram account

Whether you’re looking to share your latest hobby, promote a business, or keep in touch with family, social media is a powerful tool. As of January 2022, 3.96 billion people were using social media, with adults spending 95 minutes online daily. (Source: Sprout Social) With that in mind, businesses and sole traders need a social media presence, and getting started is easier than you think. 1. Determine Your Goals First, you need to consider what you want

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Electricians You Should Be Following

Cartoon image of electrician holding a large screwdriver and wiring alongside text that reads "10 electricians you should be following"

Whether you’re already working in the electrical industry or looking to join, being part of the online community has numerous benefits. With electricians sharing their experiences and expertise, there’s a lot to learn that’ll help you to improve your skills and knowledge. Social media is a powerful tool and one that you should utilise regardless of industry to act as a portfolio, network, and generally enjoy. So, make the most of it and follow these electricians! And

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