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When CORGI Became Gas Safe

CORGI Badge and Gas Safe Register Badge


CORGI (Council of registered gas installers) was established in 1970 due to the Ronan Point gas explosion in 1968. Launched initially with a focus on gas, CORGI also ran plumbing, electrics, and ventilation schemes.

Registration was voluntary up until 1991 when it became mandatory by law. There were 55,000 registered companies and 110,000 individuals registered at the height of CORGI.

In 2006, NAPIT applied to the Health and Safety Executive government watchdog to operate as a rival scheme. However, to avoid confusion in the industry, the HSE turned the application down. The HSE felt that having more than one registration body would lead to mixed messages and confusing guidelines.

Over time, CORGI fell out of favour. Engineers felt it was a financial burden and not fit for purpose. In addition, individuals and businesses believed CORGI didn’t do enough to stop unregistered installers from working. Other controversies include selling customer and installer data for financial gain.

Gas Safe

The CORGI gas registration scheme ended due to a review of gas safety in 2006. The review led to a new gas registration scheme, and registered CORGI engineers transferred to the new scheme.

As a result, in April 2009, Gas Safe replaced CORGI as the UK’s official gas safety regulatory body. In addition, Gas Safe became the official regulatory body for Northern Ireland and Guernsey in April 2010.

Following this, the Gas Safe Register became responsible for gas safety in the UK. CORGI previously represented safety across several sectors, such as gas, electricity and plumbing. However, after April 2009, only boiler engineers with an official gas safe register membership card could legally work on heating systems.


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CORGI Services Limited is the fund-raising arm of CO Research Trust (formally known as The Gas Safety Trust) – a registered charity established in 2005, focusing on research into Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe Engineers

Engineers carrying out gas work under the CORGI badge may not be gas safe registered. As a result, they will be carrying out work illegally. An engineer must be gas safe registered before starting any work on your property.

You will see what gas work an engineer can undertake on an engineer’s ID. But, again, ensure this aligns with the work you’re asking of them. The change in the gas safety systems and policies has focused solely on Gas Safety and hopes to promote greater awareness of gas safety issues in the home. For more information, please take a look at our gas safety tips.

Since its creation, the Gas Safe Register has launched multiple campaigns and a dedicated Gas Safety Week to promote awareness.

Currently, 13% of UK households don’t have their boilers serviced unless there is an obvious fault – despite encouragement to have them serviced annually. Similarly, many people don’t recognise the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which kills 25 people yearly in England and Wales.

Gas Safe Training Courses

Are you looking to become a gas safe engineer?

We deliver a domestic gas training course that concludes with ACS initial assessment, allowing you to apply to the gas safe register upon completion.

All data correct at time of publication.