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Demand for Electricians In The UK Rises

With the fastest growing population in Europe, (Daily Mail online 8th August 2013) the UK is in the middle of a population boom that is creating an abundance of opportunities for tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers and gas engineers. Did you know that 813,000 babies were born in the UK in 2011? This record number helped increase the overall population by 420,000 bringing it to a total in excess of 63 million people. If our population continues to grow at this rate we will top 70,000,000 by the year 2030!!

There is already a shortage of affordable housing and it was encouraging to hear of the Labour Party’s plans to build 200,000 new homes every year. (source: www.cnplus.co.uk -25/09/13) Although it will be interesting to see how this will be achieved. Will they really ‘grab’ land from property developers? In truth, whoever is in government they will need to address housing issues and ensure that there is sufficient availability of affordable and social housing to satisfy the needs of our growing population.

Population growth creates opportunities for the building and construction industry. It isn’t just house and road builders that will benefit. Think about the electricians, gas engineers, plumbers and other tradesmen that need to maintain houses and apartments once they are built.

Increasing legislation now means that opportunities are huge for qualified electricians. Did you know that in order to carry out domestic electrical installations the installer must be a member of a competent persons scheme? These schemes have done a great job in getting rid of cowboy electricians and have created a void that must be now be filled. Householders across the country need the services of qualified domestic installers that are registered with an approved competent persons scheme. Trades training providers such as Options Skills provide electrical training for mature career changers that include practical training in small groups, on-site experience with practising tradesmen and qualifications.

Garry Lee of Options Skills said, ‘we have seen an increase in the number of mature people that are looking for electrician courses. These days’ electrical training providers are obliged to ensure that new entrants to the electrical industry are fully prepared for life as a domestic installer. As an electrical training centre we provide our trainees with a managed learning plan that incorporates centre-led training in small group, real experience on-site with practising electricians, qualifications and the opportunity to further trainee’s career prospects with advanced qualifications. Many of our clients are very savvy, many are landlords or property developers who are looking to do a lot of their ‘own work’ as they build property portfolios’.

See how Options Skills can help you take advantage of the opportunities that exist in this exciting industry.


All data correct at time of publication.