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Electrical Training Should Include On-Site Experience

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Looking for an electrical training course can be confusing. With full-time, part-time, vocational and fast-track courses available, it can be hard to know which one to go for. Before you sign up for any electrical course, however, you should make sure the course includes on-site experience. Your chosen course should also be fully accredited and lead to industry-recognised qualifications.

Any trustworthy electrical course provider should provide trainees with an experienced electrician who can mentor them. Working on-site, the electrician should supervise the trainee in all aspects of electrical work. Doing practical work experience, alongside theoretical work, is invaluable for trainee electricians as there is really no substitute for it.

Through on-site training, trainees are able to test out the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they acquired during their centre-based training. Under the supervision of an experienced electrician, trainees learn important techniques.

Theory and practice can sometimes conflict. Occasionally there is an alternative solution that isn’t immediately clear when focusing on the theory side of the course. It is in these situations where the valuable knowledge of the mentor comes into play. They are able to direct a trainee on how to approach a problem and solve it. A situation which may not have been possible to cover in a classroom alone.

Overall, the value of on-site training can’t be overlooked. Ensure that when inquiring and researching potential electrician courses, that the option for on-site training is included and available. If not, you’ll only be learning the theoretical side of electrical training. While this is helpful, it means you’ll still have to find a way of gaining on-site experience. Having to do this separately to your training course can prove to be both costly and time-consuming.

Looking for a training course with on-site experience?

Each of the Options Skills training courses includes on-site work experience. For the gas courses, electrician courses and plumbing courses, we understand what a valuable experience it is to trainees. For the NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course, the on-site experience is required by law, while for the ACS gas course, we provide students with a mentor.

All data correct at time of publication.