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Electrician Student Finds Success In His New Career

Ian Price got in contact with one of our course advisors recently to thank him and everyone at Options Skills for their help and let us know how he is getting on.

Ian completed the 7-week electrician training course with us in September and has since been employed in a full-time position. He recently got back in contact with his course advisor Paul to say thanks and enquire about our latest addition to our electrician training courses the C&G 2391 qualification.

“Upon completing the course, I had 3 weeks of job searching and then managed to secure a sub-contract position with a small build company doing mainly insurance works

I have been full-time ever since, not only that, but I am gaining a good reputation and am picking up more and more private work every week.”

Ian then goes on to say that he has “never been so busy or earned as much regular money in my life, and in the current climate, that’s incredible.”

Ian also mentioned that the initial cost of the course was worth saying “I’m relieved and pleased I took the gamble to get further into debt in funding the previous course and it’s paid off!”

Ian is now looking at expanding the work he can take on by taking the City & Guilds 2391 course. Find out more about how you can carry out self-certification and create your electrical installation certificate Ian adds, “2391 is imperative for my future career, so it’s a no-brainer”.

All data correct at time of publication.