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Gas Safe Register Warns Landlords

Landlords are being warned for not following gas safety regulations. Two landlords were fined £8,300 as one of them replaced a boiler at one of his property without showing proof of annual gas safety checks. By doing so they put the lives of residents at risk.

The chief executive of Gas Safe Register Paul Johnston Stated:

By law, landlords have a legal duty to keep their rental property gas safe. Letting out a property can be a stressful task but it’s not worth cutting corners when it comes to gas. As well as breaking your legal duties as a landlord, you could be putting your tenants in danger. The bottom line is: it’s your responsibility to make sure gas is safe in your properties.”

It is extremely important that landlords keep their properties gas safe as poorly fitted boilers can lead to some serious consequences to the tenants. Such gas equipment can lead to many problems such as fire, explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning that can be harmful as well as being fatal. Gas engineers should be taken into consideration as without registration to the gas safety body the person is likely to be incompetent. It’s crucial that engineers gain a gas qualification from a firm that offers up to date gas safety training programme.

Paul Johnston continued:

Landlords have legal responsibility to keep all gas appliances working safely and efficiently by having an annual gas safety check and ensuring that only a Gas Safe registered engineer carries out the gas work, no matter how big or small the job. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it’s important that you understand the laws about gas safety otherwise you could be putting your life or the life of others in danger.”

To avoid the incident that took place last year where 18 people in the UK died and a further 310 hospitalised due to poor serviced gas appliances, Gas safe register are making sure tenants understand what actions they should be taking and they are making sure landlords fulfil their legal responsibilities. Those engineers that carry out gas repairs must have previously completed a gas safety training programme in the past to help them get the gas qualification that would eventually make them registered ‘Gas Safe’ Installers.

Gas Safe Register advises landlords to understand their legal responsibilities that relate to gas safety:

Have a yearly gas safety check

Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer with a recognized gas qualification

Provide tenants with a copy of the gas safety records

Show tenants how to turn off the gas supply

The residents are recommended to check that any engineer who visits their accommodation to carry out gas repairs is Gas Safe registered and that they have a GAS Safe Register ID. Checking at the back of the card will show whether the engineer is qualified to do the job or not.

For those who would like to start a career as a gas engineer should consider the gas safety training courses that will enable them to become gas safe registered. The Fast Track Gas Installers Course is equipped to train people who do not have previous experience. This gas qualification is sufficient to make an individual competent and will lead them to become registered. Also another gas safety training programme is the which will help provide an individual with critical foundation knowledge and understanding that must be gained before entering the gas industry and ultimately achieving GAS SAFE Registration.

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All data correct at time of publication.