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Gas Safety Week – Gas Safety Tips

Gas safe engineer checking the underneath of a boiler

Each year in September, the Gas Safe Register dedicate a week to educating the nation on gas safety.

Gas Safety Week raises awareness of the dangers and hazards of poorly maintained gas appliances.

With a risk of gas leaks and fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning, being gas safe and maintaining high standards is as important as ever.

Gas safety is paramount but often forgotten. That’s why weeks like Gas Safety Week are so important. They remind people just how vital it is to be cautious and sensible when it comes to gas and gas appliances.

If You Live In Rented Accommodation:

  • By law, your landlord must ensure that all gas pipework, flues and appliances are in good condition, with a gas safety check of appliances and flues taking place each year.

If You’re A Landlord:

  • Landlords are responsible for ensuring their properties are gas safe.
  • Landlords are responsible for arranging regular servicing of all gas appliances.
gas safety

Gas Safety In Your Own Home:

  • An engineer should service your gas appliances each year.
  • Your gas engineer must be gas safe registered. You can check this by visiting the Gas Safe Register.
  • Check the engineer is suitably qualified for the work required. You can find this information on the back of their Gas  Safe ID and via the Gas Safe Register website.
  • Know the warning signs that your gas appliances aren’t working correctly. Signs can include yellow or orange flames rather than blue ones, a pilot light that keeps going out, excessive condensation in a room or black marks on or around the appliance.
  • Be aware of the main Signs Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  • Set up an audible carbon monoxide alarm set up in your home. Test it regularly to ensure it’s in working order.

Head over to Gas Safe Register – Gas Safety Week for more information, tips and competitions.

All data correct at time of publication.