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How Does a Boiler Work – Gas Safe Courses

If you are considering to train to be a gas fitter an integral part of your training will be to understand how a boiler works. The boiler is the most important part of any household as it heats water for use around the household, in central heating systems and hot water taps.

The first important note is only those who are Gas Safe registered can legally work on boilers in the UK. REMEMBER if you have to unscrew anything from the boiler you must use a Gas Safe registered fitter.

Gas boilers will have a gas supply and a mains water supply. The water is then fed into the boiler where a gas heating system heats the water to extremely high temperatures for distribution to; a supply feed tank (which can be found in lofts), a supply tank which is found in airing cupboards or straight to the water source.

What Types of Boiler are there?

Currently in the UK there are three different types of Boiler these are:

  • Combination or “combi” boilers
  • System boilers
  • open vent boilers

Each boiler has different properties and each will have benefits and disadvantages.

In this posts throughout the week we will look at the different types of boiler and how they work.

Registered Gas fitters are the only tradesmen who can work on boilers and other gas fittings making it a highly sought after trade as every home in the UK will require work to be carried out on their property by a registered gas installer

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