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How Much Do Plumbers Earn?

If you are thinking of retraining as a plumber, one of the most common questions most potential plumbers ask is; “How much do plumbers earn?” – After all training as a plumber can be expensive and time-consuming, what sort of wages can you expect when you have the right qualifications?

Plumbers have the potential to earn competitive salaries, with annual incomes ranging from moderate to high, depending on factors such as experience, expertise, location, and type of projects undertaken.

According to national statistics, the average annual wage for a plumber is just under £28,000 at the end of 2009. However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to your overall earnings potential:

* Self Employment versus employment – Obviously being a self-employed plumber offers greater earnings potential, with the ability to work longer hours, and take on jobs variable in time and expense; you could far exceed the set wage of an employed plumber, but would often be required to exceed the average working week.

* Location – As with every profession the geographical location of the plumber can play a large factor, the north/south divide being an important factor – the southeast of England offers the best earnings potential, but also the highest cost of living.

* Qualifications – Your qualifications vary greatly, so it’s important to make sure the course you’re attending offers the best-suited, and recognised certificates and regulations available. Finding the right course is also vital in gaining the correct experience needed to complete as many of the varied tasks that may be required of you.

Whichever type of employment you go for, or location you choose – there is an opportunity and requirement for trained plumbers all over the UK, with skilled tradesmen always in demand with an ever-increasing population and housing requirements the earnings potential for plumbers is only limited by your own commitment.

All data correct at time of publication.