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How safe is your home? Shocking New Survey

A new survey by Gas Safe Register – the UK’s gas safety body has revealed that 1 in 6 homes or approximately 4.2 million households has an ‘unsafe’ gas appliance for full report Read more on Gas Safe Register.co.uk.
Unsafe gas appliances put homeowners and tenants at risk from a number of dangers that include fire, gas leaks, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas Safety Awareness being given an increased profile over the years, originally through CORGI and in recent through the Gas Safe Register. So why do such alarming reports still making headlines like this? There are many factors that contribute to these shocking statistics. 1 in 3 householders admit that they have never had their gas appliances services or checked! Many householders fail to check the credentials of ‘gas engineers’ meaning that Illegal and un-registered engineers often continue working un-checked. Disreputable landlords fail to maintain their properties and obtain annual gas safety certificates. Trevor Daniels, Gas Training manager at Options Skills stated, ‘’We support moves by Gas Safe Register to regulate the industry and rid ourselves of the blight of illegal, cowboy gas installers. There is no reason why in 2013 that we are still suffering from the same problems and issues that existed 20-years ago. Approved training courses that will educate and make safe would be gas engineers are available to those that have the desire and willingness to follow an approved learning plan. There are no excuses for illegal operators and those that are caught should be prosecuted and made an example of.’’ Options Skills offers a number of different gas safe training courses that include courses for complete beginners, plumbers or builders that are looking to up-skill to gas and for existing and previously qualified gas installers. See gas safety courses for more details.


All data correct at time of publication.