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NAPIT 2012 Price Freeze

Last week, the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) announced a price freeze on all registration, certification, inspection and training fees for another year. Among the stated halts, the most notable was the continuation of the Part P registration freeze, a scheme which has now been offered at the same fee since its inception in 2005. Part P is a legal requirement for all fixed electrical work on dwellings and associated buildings in the UK.

One of the UK’s leading scheme providers, NAPIT has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years, with over 1,000 members joining in the last 7 months alone, bringing the total membership to over 9,000. It is this rapid growth that has facilitated the group’s freedom to control fees while still remaining competitive.

The overall financial result of the freeze, when official RPI inflation figures are factored in, is a 14% reduction in cost of Building Regulations compliance using the Self Certification route via NAPIT.

NAPIT’s CEO, Martin Bruno commented on the group’s decision saying: “As we continue to grow, the economies of scale we enjoy have allowed NAPIT to maintain the registration fee.”

He continued on to say, “This also shows how important it is to have competition and choice for Electrical Contractors, with the NAPIT stance of controlling costs now being copied by other organisations in the industry, this reduction in real costs is especially important in the current economic climate”

All data correct at time of publication.